Zhoujia Mansion tells the story of the mix of mahogany furniture and modern home

The quality of space design should jump out of the frame of style and expression. Due to the influence of space furnishings and layout, the function of furniture will become flexible and diverse. How to make mahogany furniture show a variety of styles of “Chinese and Western mix and match”, “simplified and mixed mix” and “Ancient and modern mix and match”? Now let's talk about the mix and match of mahogany furniture and modern homes with the Xiaobian furniture of Zhoujia Mansion .

In the home design, a variety of flexible mix and match styles, to a certain extent, can greatly enhance people's life style. For example, the mix of classic mahogany furniture and European-style feelings, or a mix of modern styles, and even the popular Southeast Asian style of the niche, have brought an extraordinary feeling to the home life.

1. How do mahogany furniture connect indoor and outdoor spaces?
Large-sized living room, with a few pieces of mahogany furniture, a four-headed official hat chair or a low-lying bed, in a bright public space near the window, when sitting here, flowing outside the window, time inside and outside It seems as if there is communication. It is also possible to place a "small number of points, a lot of points" in such a position. After carefully setting up the layout, it can give people a kind of "inward view is the artistic conception, and the outward view is the scenery" effect. .
Second, how does mahogany furniture reconcile the difference in color in home design?
Dark mahogany furniture, in the fresh home design style, can be brought in a simple modern style; white walls, light-colored or beige furniture, with the appropriate ornaments to achieve the echo of mahogany furniture and the overall space.
Third, how do mahogany furniture achieve the style of mixed Chinese and Western rooms?
The Xiaobian of the Zhoujia Mansion furniture believes that in the mix of Chinese and Western styles, Qing-style mahogany furniture is a priority, and the beautifully-grayed, mahogany-style mahogany furniture and European-style house will be more suitable. The dark-style clear mahogany furniture and the gold-silver tone of the European-style house decorated with silver foil and gold foil are easier to match; the finely-decorated Qing-style mahogany furniture is more able to "stand the scene" in the European-style living room.
4. How does mahogany furniture play a role in the style of the old and modern homes?
Ming-style furniture is more suitable in the style of the old-fashioned mixed-room style. The Ming-style mahogany furniture is more suitable for the modern style of the room design. The temperament, ethereal, simple and beautiful Ming-style mahogany furniture can bring a literate atmosphere to the modern style living room. It also makes the space not too complicated. The case, the coffee table, the flower table, and the circle chair are all the choices of the modern minimalist style. The mahogany furniture reflects the value in the simple and mixed living room. The simple and mixed living room should highlight the finely crafted mahogany furniture. Such examples are more common in European rooms. There are many details of their furniture from all over the world. And the story, but their walls generally do not have complicated decorations, and will not be a whistling ceiling, they are more inclined to use the size, distance, high and low mix to express furniture.
The value of mahogany furniture is unquestionable, exquisite wood grain, classic shape, perfect structure, intriguing details, a high-quality furniture should of course be the center of this space, highlighting the life of the owner and the taste of high-quality life.

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