Zezhou Power Supplies Three Tops "Safe Hats" for Employees

Since the beginning of this year's spring inspection, the State Grid Zezhou County Power Supply Co., Ltd. has closely followed the working principle of "safety first, prevention first", and all of them have put on three "hard hats" for all employees on the basis of safety production.

Put on the idea of ​​"hard hat" and require all employees to overcome the paralysis, sum up experiences, and learn lessons. From the safety consciousness, "I want safety to be safe for me." A clear understanding of security is the greatest benefit. It is safe to say everything, always talk about safety, and make the alarm bell of safety production grow.

Wear the system "safety helmet" to ensure the effective implementation of the system. Require all employees to seriously study the rules and regulations, earnestly implement organizational and technical measures to ensure safety, and implement safety responsibilities to everyone, so that everything is well documented, rules can be followed, and safety work must be adhered to. Rings, beginning and end, put an end to experience and take it for granted.

Put on a “safety helmet” and “zero accidents” to ensure “zero accidents””, increase anti-violation efforts, strengthen employees’ business skills training, do a good job in accident prediction, carry out risk analysis, and formulate preventive measures. With the characteristics of work, the security gateway will be moved forward, and the on-site safety supervision work will be strengthened to ensure that the spring inspection work will be carried out steadily.

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