Yihua Wood's furniture exported to the United States was ruled by the Ministry of Commerce for a dumping margin of 29.98%

During 2007, Yihua Wood exported wooden bedroom furniture to the United States for a dumping margin of 29.98%. The company considered the above ruling unreasonable and decided to appeal to the US Court of International Trade.

Yihua Wood issued an announcement on August 20, 2009 that the US Department of Commerce recently announced the final result of the anti-dumping case against wooden bedroom furniture imported from China. During the 31st, the dumping margin of wooden bedroom furniture exported to the United States was 29.98%.

The company considered the above ruling unreasonable and decided to appeal to the US Court of International Trade. Before the appeal result comes out, the final anti-dumping tax rate will not take effect. The anti-dumping tax is charged against US distributors and has no impact on the company ’s 2007 performance. The final ruling does not affect the company ’s current production and operations.

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