Xianxian Ding Hao Building Basket Factory teaches you how to choose a construction basket

Zhangzhou Xianding Dinghao Building Basket Factory is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and production of mobile scaffolds and baskets. It is an outstanding private technology company in Shandong Province. Currently, our main products are: mobile scaffolding and high-rise operation baskets. More than 20 series. Our company's zlp630 electric hanging basket and zlp800 electric hanging basket products are sold all over the country and there are many offices in our company.

Perfect equipment maintenance and maintenance will provide you with labor-saving, cost-saving, safe and convenient quality services. With the service tenet of “God” as the customer, we have no holiday sales and after-sales service to make customers worry-free.

The use of construction baskets is not unfamiliar to everyone. It is very extensive in the construction industry. We can choose according to the different situations we encounter in the construction process. Let's learn about it together below!

1. The number of weights must meet the requirements, and the weights should be fixed firmly to prevent the personnel from moving the weights.

2. The construction basket safety lock must be tested and qualified before installation, and it must be ensured that the safety lock is complete, effective, and sensitive.

3, the diameter of the wire rope, the number of rope cards, spacing, direction in strict accordance with the relevant requirements on the use of instructions, is strictly prohibited to use the basket wire rope welding machine ground wire use.

4. Strengthen safety education for operators and enhance their awareness of self-protection. The operator of the basket must be qualified for training after being trained. The basket must be operated carefully by a person in accordance with the operating procedures.

5. During the installation process of the construction basket, strictly follow the relevant requirements of the basket instruction manual. The strength and material of the basket safety rope must meet the requirements of the specification, and the corner parts should be protected as required.

The above content is about some tips that need attention in the selection of construction baskets. I also hope that through the above content, I can help everyone better.

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