Wooden Door Hardware hits "Environmental Protection" in 2014

Wooden Door Hardware hits "Environmental Protection" in 2014

China's energy conservation and environmental protection industry must vigorously improve the level of technical equipment, products and services, accelerate the pace of technological innovation, and break through key core technologies and common technologies.

According to media reports, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will soon issue a mandatory standard for building energy conservation in October as a supporting implementation measure of the State Council on accelerating the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry. Before this, Beijing, Shanghai and other places have taken the lead in introducing local mandatory standards.

Wooden door product quality decline

The reason that bears the brunt of this is the excessively strong real estate developers. “As long as the developer had just opened the house, the house would be sold out and the houses would not be able to be purchased. There was no concern about the quality of the wooden door.” The developer has to reduce the cost of the wooden door to reduce the procurement costs, resulting in the quality of the wooden door industry. And profits continue to fall.

Not only that, lack of effective industry standards and management has also become one of the major problems in the current wood door industry. A wooden door manufacturer from Hebei said that although some local governments have set relevant standards, these standards have not formed social trends and they lack incentive measures. According to him, many of the wooden door detection standards are only for the sample windows for inspection, and the supervision units are mostly “relationship households” that developers pay for. Many of the wooden doors actually used in buildings do not meet energy-saving requirements.

Green energy is the direction

“Although the days of wooden doors in the past were generally more 'difficult', it should be noted that the market situation is changing.” Xu Luoyan believes that as the era of “laying money” by developers gradually recedes, whether it is real estate companies or Consumers are increasingly paying attention to the quality of products in construction. In recent years, environmental issues have become the focus of social contradictions, and the country has been pushing for greater energy conservation and environmental protection. Green and low-carbon wooden door products will become the mainstream of the future market.

After several rounds of real estate development cycle, consumers nowadays become more and more rational in buying homes, and their demands for building materials quality and personalization are getting higher and higher.” Developers must make a difference in their products in order to have a place in the competition. As long as the developer can bring corresponding value return to the developer, the developer is still willing to spend more on the construction cost.

To reverse various problems in the current wooden door industry, it is difficult to achieve long-term development by relying solely on the policies of “east winds” or corporate “single horses,” and integrating multiple sources of resources to “strengthen” can do more with less. “Every Chinese product has a distribution market, and the wooden door industry is relatively lacking. The purpose of the establishment of the wooden gate city is to establish a platform for cooperation and exchange between the industry supply and demand sides, and to make the upstream and downstream industry chain more complete and efficient. At the same time, a large number of exhibitions are also held here. And discuss standards and expand social influence. Only the entire society can understand wooden doors enough to 'force' developers to purchase wooden doors that truly meet the requirements of energy conservation.

According to Xiao Bian, China’s energy saving and environmental protection pressures are increasing, and the country’s protection of the environment and natural resources is also increasing. The concept of low-carbon environmental protection has gradually been recognized and accepted by the public. In such a large environment, energy-saving emission reduction as the center of gravity of the wooden doors will inevitably bring new directions and opportunities for the development of the wooden door industry.

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