Why is the Nobel tile price more expensive than other brands?

Why is the Nobel tile price more expensive than other brands?

Nobel tiles are a household name, as everyone knows, everyone knows

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Are all more expensive than tiles of other brands, why? Is it worth it? Today the editor takes everyone to reveal the secret together:

To understand whether the Nobel value is not so expensive, you must first understand that the Nobel tiles that are superior to Nobel products are not the same.

(1) Different production lines
Nobel has the most advanced and modern production line. When others still rely on manual operations, Nobel has fully realized production automation. Everyone in the industry knows that the quality of ceramic tiles depends on perfect production and control. Only the most advanced production lines can produce the best quality products. In the industry, only Nobel bricks can be called 5A bricks. The advanced production line brings you quality assurance.

(2) The raw materials are different
Why do decoration masters say that Nobel bricks are hard and difficult to cut! Because Nobel's brick raw materials are different. High aluminum is used as the raw material, the aluminum content reaches 21%, and the ordinary brick has only 15% aluminum content. The price of high aluminum raw materials is twice that of ordinary aluminum raw materials, and the hardness is also twice as high. Why do tiles have high hardness? The higher the hardness, the less likely the tiles will crack.

(3) The inspection is different
Nobel will carry out plate-printing inspection of each vehicle raw material, determine the content of aluminum, potassium, and sodium, see the color, shrinkage, and whiteness, and conduct radioactive inspection to ensure that the quality of each batch of raw materials is the same. Ordinary manufacturers only conduct batch inspections, and cannot inspect every vehicle.

Why should tiles pay attention to radioactivity? The raw materials of ceramic tiles originate from nature, and inevitably contain some radioactive materials. If the ceramic tiles contain radioactive materials, will the human body receive the harm of radioactive pollution at home for a long time, will you be at ease?

(4) Ball milling is different
Nobel uses a 60-ton large-tonnage ball mill, which is more powerful and finer than ordinary manufacturers' 40-ton ball mills. The advantage of using high-aluminum ball eggs is that the ball eggs have higher hardness, heavier weight, stronger impact force, and finer grinding, reaching 300 mesh. Then the fineness of the powder produced by Nobel is the same as that of milk powder, so that the pressed brick is denser, and it is more resistant to wear and dirt.

(5) It is different except for iron
Nobel uses high-magnetic electromagnetic rods to absorb iron filings, with an iron content of less than 0.1%, to ensure that the green body after firing has no black impurities and the brick body is pure. Ordinary manufacturers use ordinary magnetic rods to remove iron. The iron content is high and it is easy to blacken, and then use radioactive zirconia to whiten.

If the home decoration is made of general ceramic tiles, it will become black after a while, and the use of Nobel tiles can maintain the same color for a long time. Which one of your experiences is really good?

(6) The fabric is different
Have you seen sand paintings? Sand painters spread fine sand directly on the board layer by layer. The texture of the vitrified brick is also layered with different colors of powder. The more tubes of cloth, the richer the picture. Nobel has the industry's only 32-tube cloth system, while ordinary vitrified bricks have only 4 tubes of cloth, so the more refined, the more detailed is reflected in the details.

(7) The drying kiln is different
Nobel adopts a fully automatic 5-layer drying kiln. The 5-layer kiln factory reaches 250 meters. The ordinary drying kiln has only one layer and is 180 meters long. The five-layer drying kiln allows the moisture of the bricks to be discharged from the inside to the outside. The moisture content is less than 0.6%, and there will be no deformation when firing. Nobel's entire process and time costs are five times higher than the general.
If the more moisture in the tile, the other pollutants are more likely to penetrate, and it will look dirty over time.

(8) Different firing time

The same 240 meters long kiln, Nobel's output is only one-third of others, because Nobel's firing time is particularly long. 800 vitrified bricks need to be fired for 70 minutes, usually only 40-50 minutes. Nobel tiles extend the firing time and ensure that the brick body is completely porcelainized.

If you know that the tiles you buy are as dense as ceramic and more wear-resistant than others, is your mood much happier than others instantly? (Pro, do n’t secretly steal music ~~)

(9) The billet storage system is different
What is a blank storage system? An analogy is like a storage warehouse, ensuring that the product is not damaged and that sufficient stock is guaranteed.

Nobel has the only automatic billet storage system in Asia with automatic laser control, which will not cause any damage during the transportation and storage of the billet, reduce the rate of defective products, and ensure that each brick sent to the user's home is a superior product.

(10) Polishing is not the same
Each tile of Nobel vitrified bricks needs to undergo multiple processes of rough polishing and fine polishing. It can intelligently polish 18 pieces in 1 minute, and the brightness is as high as 60 degrees. The ordinary polishing line can throw 38 pieces in 1 minute, and the brightness is only 18 degrees, so they are coated with a thick super clean and brighter. The longer the polishing time, the higher the brightness, the stronger the wear resistance, and the longer the life.

There is a very vivid analogy, using Nobel tiles. Three years later, the girl was wearing a short skirt and stood on the Nobel tiles, and she could clearly see the underwear. Oh, although it is a metaphor, it is enough to see the excellent quality of Nobel tiles.

(11) Screening is not the same
Each brick of Nobel passes through two points: machine inspection and manual inspection. Strict inspection of size, specifications, color difference. Make sure that the colors, sizes and specifications of the products are consistent.

Nobel is inspected before applying anti-fouling wax to ensure the true color. Ordinary manufacturers test after applying anti-fouling wax, which will appear different from the real color.

[In summary] Nobel tiles can achieve the longest domestic history, the most sales, and the strongest research and development. With each process, it is more refined than ordinary ceramics, and the cost of each process is several times higher than the general. Times. The quality of the ceramic tile products purchased by the user is several times higher than others, and the sales volume is several times higher than that of the general brand. power.

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