Which classification of bicycle locks is good for which brand?

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In this article, let's take a look at the types of bicycle locks. To learn more about which type of bicycle lock is better.
What are the classifications of bicycle locks? Which brand is good?
Fixed lock
Anyone riding a bicycle should notice that the bicycle itself is usually equipped with a lock, which is usually placed in the seat. Generally, this self-contained bicycle lock is fixed on the car. The structure is very simple. Even if there is no key, it can be opened with a wire and other tools, and even the whole lock can be easily removed. So for your bicycle safety, will you only install this lock?
Cable lock (soft lock)
The so-called soft lock is a cable lock, and its function is mainly to assist the fixed lock. This kind of lock is also quite common. When you are on the road, you will sometimes see some bicycles and some fixtures on the side of the road, like big trees, lampposts, telephone poles, etc., most of the time you use this kind of lock. We have to say that the structure of the lock of the soft lock is more complicated than the fixed lock, and most of them are cross-locked. Nick does not think that this is very safe. Although the lock is safer, the surface is firm and flexible, but for the thief, no matter how thick the cable looks, just use a special scissors. The cable can be easily cut. This lock industry is not reliable enough.
Although the U-lock is flexible and convenient to use without a soft lock, its firmness is much higher than that of the soft lock. The material of the U-shaped part is steel, and the mechanism of the lock is more complicated than the fixed lock. As long as it is in a more formal store, the price is not too cheap and the quality is good. However, it is still recommended to lock the top ten brands of products, under the premise of the price is similar, it is still better to choose a cost-effective.
Automatic alarm lock
I believe that many people will have this situation, that is, when they accidentally hit the car on the road, the car will immediately make a call. This is the automatic alarm lock. Nowadays, the technology of locks is constantly developing, and high-tech automatic alarm locks have been widely used. The lock is also installed on a bicycle or an electric vehicle. When the bicycle is parked, the alarm switch is turned on and the security state is automatically entered. When the body is moved and collided, the alarm will sound a sharp alarm for about ten seconds, and then automatically enter the anti-theft state, and then alarm again. This is actually very effective for theft prevention. After all, thieves can’t see it. As long as he hits the alarm car, he will be flustered, and naturally he will not be daring to steal. However, it is worth reminding that when using it, you need to pay attention to it. This type of lock requires independent power supply. Remember to replace the battery when appropriate, and the function of the alarm will not be used.
We can't predict what others do, we can't stop others from doing anything, but we can at least do what we can do. In summary, to protect your car, you must choose the appropriate anti-theft lock. It is best not to put the car in an unsafe place. After all, the society is still very chaotic, and at least the anti-theft awareness must be there. For those who are allowed by economic conditions, it is recommended to use the automatic alarm lock of the top ten brands of locks. Security is relatively high, and you will feel a lot of peace of mind.

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