What kind of wood floor color matching skills

With the improvement of living standards, our requirements for the home environment are also increasing. Buying new homes, installing new homes, in this process, the choice of wood flooring has become a very important part, then what are the types of wood flooring? Next, Xiao Bian will introduce the types of wooden flooring and the color matching techniques of wooden flooring.

What are the types of wood flooring?

1, solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring is the most used in the home improvement process. Solid wood floors are generally produced domestically, and natural texture and environmental protection are relatively good. However, the water is easy to be realized and it is easy to crack. Solid wood flooring is a relatively cost-effective flooring, and solid wood flooring also has a lot of classification. Each category also has some deviations from its performance, but it can basically meet the basic requirements of the public. The price of solid wood flooring is expensive, and the price difference of solid wood flooring produced by different flooring brands is very different, but the environmental protection of solid wood flooring is better. In the process of purchasing, consumers can comprehensively consider according to their own economic conditions.

2, strengthen the floor

The biggest advantage of laminate flooring is its slip resistance and abrasion resistance. On the surface of laminate flooring there is a layer of non-slip material called aluminum oxide, which is about 1 mm thick. With this non-slip layer, we do not have to worry about being slipped, but because of the presence of the non-slip layer, this type of wooden floor cannot be refurbished, and this layer of aluminum oxide slip resistant material will be damaged during the renovation process. . Laminate flooring prices are easily accepted by the public, and environmental protection is not very good.

3, solid wood composite floor

Solid wood flooring inherits the natural texture and environmental protection of solid wood flooring, but usually the solid wood flooring on the market is not overly environmentally friendly. Solid wood composites overcome the shortcomings of solid wood flooring, which is easy to crack due to shrinkage of monomers, but solid wood flooring is blisters. Cannot be repaired afterwards. The price of solid wood flooring is moderate, and when choosing a large-size solid wood composite flooring, product quality and after-sales service will be guaranteed.

4, cork flooring

Cork is an oak tree that grows on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and in the Chinese Qinba Mountains. The raw material of cork products is the bark of these oaks. The cork products that people are most familiar with should be cork stoppers for wine bottles. In addition, we often see message boards sold by IKEA, cup mats and pot mats in hotels. Cork wall panels for wall decoration can be seen in shops and bars. The wall panels used in ordinary people's homes are themed walls or entrances behind the TV. For music enthusiasts, cork is the best sound insulation and sound-absorbing material, and another big use of cork is to make flooring.

5, bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is a kind of extravagant floor, which is usually used in the entrance of a large mansion or villa area or in the bedroom. This kind of floor will dissipate heat in winter and cool in the summer. It can be described as warm in winter and cool in summer, but the cost is relatively high.

Wood floor color matching skills

1, according to indoor lighting options. The room lighting conditions limit the choice of floor colors. Dark and light rooms with good lighting. For rooms with low floors and insufficient lighting, you should pay attention to the brighter, better-colored floor materials and try to avoid darker materials.

2, according to the size of the room to choose. The warm tone is expanded color, and the cool tone is shrink color. Therefore, the floor of the room with a small area should be chosen from the cool color of dark colors, or the simple and bright floor, giving people the feeling of expanding the area.

3, according to the decoration style choice. Different decoration styles, if the wooden floor is not properly selected, will not only make the finishing touch, but may also destroy your original uniform style.

Wood floor advantages

1, cool in winter and cool in summer: Due to the small thermal conductivity of wood, it has good thermoregulation as a ground material, especially in the cold winter, people living indoors will not feel stiff feet, unlike ceramic tiles. It feels cold.

2, beautiful and natural: wood is natural, its annual texture often gives people a return to nature, return to the feeling of return to nature, regardless of texture and beauty are unique, this is the quality of man-made materials can not be achieved anyway.

3. Durability: The seismic resistance and corrosion resistance of wood are not inferior to other construction materials. Many old wooden boats have been immersed in water for a long time, and they are still strong. Wooden flooring is also the same.

4, environmental protection: it is taken from natural wood, the material itself has no source of pollution, so it does not harm the human body, and wood is the only material that can be regenerated from nature in all building materials, so its environmental protection is unmatched by other building materials . As long as the product is a regular manufacturer, there is basically no need to worry about environmental performance.

5, not easy to condensation: As the wood moisture, humidity control performance than metal, stone and concrete, so when the weather is wet or when the temperature drops, the surface will not form a water droplet-like "sweat" phenomenon. In this way, when wood is used as a wood floor, the ground will not be slippery due to moisture, and slipping and falling injuries will not occur, especially for the elderly and children.

6. Good foot feeling: The impact and resistance of wood and human body are softer and natural than other construction materials, and it has good elasticity. People walk on it regardless of temperature, touch, and feel very soft and comfortable. It also helps to protect the elderly and The child's residence is safe.

Editor's summary: What are the types of wooden flooring and the color matching techniques of wooden floors are introduced here, I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

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