What is the danger of geothermal heating in a composite floor?

Today, geothermal is used very frequently in our modern life. The role of geothermal has also brought us a lot of help and met the needs of many consumers in terms of temperature. And geothermal is one of our modern people's favorite ways of heating, so the ground heating will be widely applied to our lives. Next we will specifically understand what geothermal heat does and what the harm is related to geothermal heating. .

How to do geothermal

1. Before laying out polyphenylene sheets, we need to compare the design drawings with the size and functionality of the house, and the location of the walls to see if they are consistent. The insulation material is laid on a flat structural layer or on a flat surface. The laying is smooth, tightly lapped, and the seams are tightly packed. When the irregular parts such as doorways are laid, they are to be laid after the knife is cut into shape according to the actual shape. When parts of the bathroom, kitchen, etc., having special requirements are laid, the size shall be cut according to the design requirements to protect the waterproof layer. According to the requirements of the drawings, the line shall be laid on the foamed cement to mark the size of the edge line from the wall.

2, then install the water collector to fix it, in general the water separator is installed outside, and the water collector is installed inside, then the distance between the water collector and the level of the ground is best 350mm and 500mm About 150mm height difference. The installation requirements of the manifold are horizontal and vertical, and the coils connecting the manifold to the manifold require vertical and horizontal surfaces. The installation of the manifold depends on the design requirements to maintain an offset distance for maintenance. After the installation of the water collector, the urine contamination is cleaned in time, and the water collector is connected to the coil and the pressure is qualified.

3. The size of the purchased PEX pipe must be based on the design requirements. Then use scissors to cut the PEX pipe, and the fracture should be as flat as possible. The section should be perpendicular to the pipe axis. Each loop is a pipe. When installing, PERT pipes are not allowed to have joints. When the coils are installed from the manifold, the PERT pipes are directly fixed on the polyphenyl plate with a special pipe clamp. The distance between the fixing points of the PERT tube is set every 500mm for the straight tube section, and the bending tube section should not be larger than 300mm. The PERT tube is exposed from the ground to the pipe section of the water separator, and a plastic snake skin casing is provided to prevent the local light from aging. The coil is passed through the door opening and the expansion joint to add a plastic snake skin casing.

4, after the installation is completed, in accordance with the design requirements, need to perform two pressure test work, the use of pressure pump to suppress clean water, when the first start to suppress the installation of the coil system pressure, that is, each set, the water collector The various loops in the system communicate with each other. With 0.6 MPa gauge pressure test, with no leakage and pressure within one hour will not exceed 0.05 MPa as qualified, the signing of the supervision can not notify the civil side pressure concrete filled. The second pressure was used to pressure the coiled tubing after solidification of the pumping mortar. The pressure was tested with a gauge pressure of 0.6 MPa. The pressure was not leaking and the pressure drop within one hour did not exceed 0.05 MPa. After detailed preparations for suppressing the record and suppressing the form, the supervisor will sign the form, and then Party A and Party B will complete the transfer in signed form.

What is the harm to the floor heating

1. Everyone knows that after the general renovation of a new house, we cannot immediately live in it. Then after the geothermal floor is constructed, it will be the same. In a short period of time, it will cause harm to the human body. All of the composite floors are basically the same. The floor of the brand type is not much different. Composite floor is an industrial product with very low technical content. Millions of equipment can be launched. Only the best material is used for the problem of good or bad materials. Release some harmful gases.

2. In general, if the material of the composite floor is not too bad, the danger will be even weaker. Although the damage will not be too great, it will be different for some people with poor health. It should be noted that paints, coatings, and other carpentry work, mainly within 1-2 weeks, sore throat. The best method for removal is not to place, but the so-called formaldehyde scavenger, activated charcoal, grapefruit skin. These things are somewhat of a role, but the role is limited. The best way is to first do not live in people, do a good job every day, of course, to open the best geothermal.

How to do more with regard to geothermal, geothermal and laminate flooring do any harm related content on the introduction here, I hope these help you. If you still don't understand where you can pay attention to more news, if you want to learn more about this news, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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