What brand of beauty is good? Beautiful sewing agent purchase method

Tiles are the most common decoration material in the decoration. It is the choice of most people. Almost every family will have tiles, especially the kitchen and bathroom, because it has waterproof effect, but the tiles It must be filled with beautiful grouts, so what brand of beautiful sizing agent is good ? What are the purchasing methods of the beautiful sizing agent? Next, let me introduce you to the small series of the decoration home network.


First, what brand of beauty is good?

1. Olympia color beauty grout, suitable for indoor and outdoor wall and floor mosaic, tile and stone joint filling, suitable for slit width 1-12mm. It not only has strong adhesive force, is not easy to peel off, but also has waterproof and anti-mildew functions, and also has good flexibility. It prevents cracking of cracks, avoids back-slurry, hangs tears, has various colors, and has a well-balanced color, which makes the finish effect colorful.

2. Mandala beauty grout: Beijing UV Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in all kinds of high and middle grade tile companion - Mandala tile beauty grout, special building materials; other polymers; other skin chemicals; fireproof, fireproof materials Sales and R&D production.

3. True beauty grout: Just like the beautiful sewing agent is the product of Beijing Home and Wanda Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Jia and Wanda Technology Co., Ltd. is a technologically innovative modern company dedicated to continuously improve the home environment and supply excellent building materials.

4. Cainiu Beauty Coatant: Cainiu Beauty Coat is a new type of high-tech product produced by Beijing Cainiu Technology Co., Ltd. It is derived from the American formula and combines the strengths and advantages of the existing similar products in China. Environmentally friendly features and never faded strengths.


Second, how to buy beauty grout?

1. The beauty grout is made of high molecular polymer. Its structure is dense and uniform, and the effect of the beautiful grouting agent forms a dense protective film on the surface, which overcomes the shortcomings of the inorganic material being easy to seep. Therefore, when scrubbing the wall tiles, there is no longer any need to worry about the sewage entering the brick seam and making the gap black. The brick joints are no longer wet, and naturally no mildew will occur, and various bacteria will lose the hotbed of production.

2. To resist acid and alkali corrosion: Because the kitchen, toilet and other places often deal with acid and alkaline substances, the problem of corrosion of the caulking agent is particularly prominent in these places. The current various caulking agents are changing the acid and alkali. Corrosion problems are almost helpless, and the use of fine grouts can solve the problem.

3. After drying, the shrinkage is not obvious, and the surface should be plump and flat. The high-hardness after curing is excellent, generally comparable to ceramic tiles, self-cleaning and scrub resistant. The smaller the pungent odor, the better the environmental protection. The consistency is appropriate during the extrusion process, it is not easy to be rubbed off, and the construction performance is good.

Tiles are used to decorate our houses, and beautiful grouts are used to fill the gaps between the tiles. So what brand of beautiful sizing agent is good with beautiful sizing agents, I want you to read the introduction of Xiaobian. These are also known, then if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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