What are the advantages and disadvantages of integrated stoves compared to traditional stoves?


1. Sucking skills: Breaking the upper exhaust operation mode of the traditional range hood, the first concept of the deep well ring suctions the air exhausting operation, reaching the kitchen without smoke!

2. Brief operation: intelligent control, incineration actively open the fan, active delay shutdown, flameout!

3. Sweeping high temperature: The hot air and high temperature that occur during cooking are blocked and discharged downwards. The air activity is fast, and cooking and cooking do not have to be “fired” like once!

4. Disinfection and preservation: UV and ozone two layers of disinfection do not leave dead ends, not the same raw food utensils do not need to be separated and disinfected, can also double as fruit and vegetable preservation!

5. Visualization: Select the VFD large fluorescent screen to show the dynamic, luxurious style, and imitate the various functions to show the picture, vivid and intuitive!

6. Clean and convenient: stainless steel countertops, straight-line circulation inside and outside, anti-overflow cleaning method, cleaning and cleaning are more convenient; a rose integrated environmental protection stove and traditional hood "oil drops, smoke up" is not easy to smoke and remove Unable to spray the inside of the cavity is not the same, a rose integrated environmental protection stove is "oil down, smoke down", oil is directly introduced into the collection box, and usually can directly spray the inside of the chamber!


1. The integrated environmental protection stove in the lower row of the deep well overthrew the traditional depiction. The concept of integration and environmental protection of the initiative is very pleasant, but its own defects have not been solved. For example, it is difficult to clean, can not be used to separate from the fumes, and has low cooking power and easy accumulation. Oil, pot type is limited, can not achieve high-temperature anti-virus, and so on, deep-well side suction type integrated environmental protection stove looks novel, seems to overthrow the tradition, revolutionary; in fact, this covers the eyes of consumers, so many Consumers regret after buying:

1. Some brands of integrated stoves, there is a doubt that once the quality of the problem is presented, it is not convenient to repair. Regarding the cleaning fumes of the integrated stove, some products are now very convenient, but there are some brands that are difficult to clean and accumulate in the flat bottom oil pan. The condiment powder around the cooker and the shaft part. The vegetable flakes. The sewage constitutes dust and dirt is extremely difficult to organize, and it is unclear and annoying;

2. Some deep-well cookers seem to save power at first sight. In fact, the smoke machine takes a lot of heat and insults together in the inhalation; some people have done experiments: it takes 7 minutes to boil a pot of water when the machine is opened, without smoking. It takes only 4 minutes to boil a pot of water when the machine is used. Some of them have improved the air volume through the depiction of the environmental protection stove. There is no question of gas consumption.

3. The biggest lack of integrated stoves in the lower row of deep wells is: stir-fry cooking, bowling dishes, seasonings when washing pots, frying oil, vegetable chips, soup water is very simple to splash around the stove; this is the user Attention and change.

2. The integrated environmental protection stove with side suction and lower row is clean and simple but needs to be cleaned every day. Otherwise, the lampblack purifier will look very dirty in a few days. Noise question, because the turbine wants to absorb the fumes below, it will increase the power, and the power noise will increase. Regarding these defects, the traditional kitchen appliances also have the same disadvantages, and the integrated stove is relatively more convenient than the conventional one.

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