Two-storey duplex villa decoration notice, two-storey duplex villa decoration introduction

When we decorate the villa, we need to pay attention to too many places, such as home style, decoration materials, etc., which are all important parts that create a complete warm and comfortable environment, and the duplex villas need to pay attention to whether the decoration style is consistent. So, what should we pay attention to in the decoration of the second-floor duplex villa? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian! I hope you can help you with the repair villa.


Note on villa decoration: Ensure material safety.

The villas are large in space and have many built-in rooms. They can generally be shared by large families. If you live with your parents, you should pay attention to the bathroom when you are renovating. Especially for elderly parents, be careful of the corners of the bathroom. The smoothness, the height of the equipment and the overall convenience, etc., the floor should be non-slip, to design the necessary handrails, hard metal and glass materials should be used as little as possible.

Villa Decoration Note 2: Installation of smart home system.

Usually villa decoration will consider installing a smart home system. The security in the smart home system can be switched naturally with the TV. The control center automatically converts and is more flexible and safer than video surveillance. If there are criminals invading or maliciously destroying, the security system of the smart home will not only promptly report the alarm, but also record the whole process of the incident. If the owner of the villa is not at home, the security system will also make a call to the community to achieve 24-hour security monitoring to ensure the safety of your personal and property.

Note on the decoration of the villa: The attic should be used with caution.

In a villa with a relatively high floor height, if you can separate a two-story attic, it is of course very chic, but this kind of decoration should be carefully considered, not simply pursuing elegance, safety should be placed first. In consideration of the position, whether it is horizontal separation or vertical wall building, factors such as the material of the additional structure and the bearing and the height and thickness of the partition wall must be taken into account.

Villa decoration precautions 4: Reasonable layout of electrical circuits.

The villa has a large space, considering the internal and external structure is beautiful, and to have an open and smooth visual experience, the electrical circuit should be arranged in advance. If the power supply device in the villa bathroom is more special and professional, it is best to use the computer to simulate the location of the electrical appliance and the socket for convenient use. In addition, the large-sized bathroom space is clearly separated by wet and dry, and the electrical outlets are placed in the dry area as much as possible.

Note on villa decoration: The lighting fixtures are reasonably arranged to meet various needs.

The lighting in the living room of the villa should vary with different uses and locations. The intelligent system is equipped with a light adjustment system. The ability to control lighting as needed, and to simulate changes in natural sunlight, allows residents to feel the natural light by simply touching the switch or the remote control in their hands, or even simulating different time periods of the day. Because of the large space of the villa, the arrangement of the lamps should not be too small, and it must be properly controlled to achieve practical and beautiful.


Kitchen and bathroom decoration design needs to be cautious

When decorating the bathroom and kitchen, pay attention to the anti-slip treatment of the kitchen and bathroom floor to prevent the elderly, children fall, you can increase the safety rails. At the same time, the edges of the sink, bathtub, etc. should be treated as smooth as possible. Try not to use fragile and sharp objects such as glass and metal to place scratched old people and children. In order to prevent the elderly and children from entering the kitchen in the kitchen, at this time, it is possible to install a kitchen door with a card-opening door to prevent them from entering the kitchen, and to install a bathroom without a handle door to prevent the elderly from being injured by the door handle. The height of each appliance should also fully consider the range of motion of the elderly and children. It is advisable for the elderly to move on the child's mind. When designing and installing a bathtub in a bathroom, if the bathtub is very large, it is also necessary to consider whether the load-bearing capacity of the floor is strong enough.

There are too many things to pay attention to when we decorate the house. In order to give yourself and your family a warm environment, take a look at today's content! The above is a two-storey duplex villa that we introduce to you. The matters to be noticed are over here. For more information, please pay attention to the decoration home network.

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