Two acceptance standards for residential decoration issued by Beijing


On November 9, "2013 Beijing Sustainable Decoration Public Welfare Activities" was held in Beijing. China National Institute of Standardization, Beijing Building Decoration Association, Fangyuan Certification Group, etc. jointly launched Beijing "Residential Building Decoration Quality Acceptance Code" and "Residential Compulsory local standards such as the Code for Design, Construction and Acceptance of Electrical and Intelligent Systems for Decoration Engineering.


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With the continuous application and development of digital home appliances and smart home technology, what standards should be used for house decoration for house renovation? Home wiring, how to design and construct? What should be the basis for acceptance? These problems have always troubled consumers. Some decoration companies have substandardly charged them, stealing beams and replacing columns; some are under the banner of "green building materials", but in fact, environmental protection is not up to standard. The internal management of individual decoration companies is chaotic, and sub-contracting caused by the maximization of interests, designer private work, unidentified additions by owners, and the provision of watery engineering orders and construction quality, environmental protection, geothermal standards and other issues have become hot spots for the people. Most consumers have no experience or no understanding of decoration, and some after-sales services of decoration companies are not standardized and imperfect, resulting in consumer complaints and disputes in the home improvement industry increasing year by year.


The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Building Decoration Association said that as a 5A-level industry organization, it has been committed to promoting the sustainable development of the Beijing building decoration industry for many years, and has carried out a lot of work in standards, scientific research, policies and demonstration projects. The two acceptance criteria released this time have aroused the concern of all parties. Among them, the "Code for Quality Acceptance of Residential Building Decoration Engineering" was formulated by the Beijing Building Decoration Association, jointly with the Fangyuan logo and many brand home improvement companies in the industry. After approval by the Beijing Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, it became a mandatory local standard. As an important standard issued by Beijing this year, this move will have a positive and long-term impact on promoting the sustainable development of Beijing's decoration industry. And home furnishing intractable diseases that have always troubled consumers are expected to be constantly regulated.


During the on-site activities, project experts from the United Nations Sustainable Consumption and Production Support Center and the Swedish Environmental Science Research Institute shared the development and experience of sustainable decoration abroad. At the same time, the EU's sustainable interior decoration project team awarded honorary certificates to the 11 award-winning "China's sustainable decoration demonstration projects". Among them, Lanjing Lijia became the only enterprise in the home store to win this award by virtue of the automated canopy shade system.


According to reports, the EU Sustainable Interior Decoration Project (SUS BIRD) is an international cooperation project funded by the European Union. It aims to provide consumers with more choices and use of environmentally friendly decoration materials and energy-saving Electrical equipment and water-saving appliances, etc. At the same time, let decoration enterprises establish environmental protection and energy-saving decoration procedures, and use environmentally friendly building materials and energy-saving water-saving equipment in project projects. As a third-party evaluation and certification agency with national authority, Fangyuan Logo undertakes the implementation of the project. (Editor: Peter)


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