Titanium Dioxide for Paintings R1930 /R1931

Model NO.: R1931
HS Code: 3206111000
Titanium dioxide rutile R1931 is high quality Rutile TiO2, coated with dense ZrO2, Al2O3, the quality is very close to chloride process HUNTSMAN TR-92 with competitive price.



Products made by titanium dioxide Rutile R1931

High-gloss paint, Decorative coating, Coil coatings, Water-based paint, Oil-based paint,
plastics (PVC, PE, polystyrene and polyurethane), masterbatch, rubber, high-grade printing ink and paper

Main Property

Excellent whiteness
Excellent dispersion
Excellent weather resistance ability
High tinting power


Packing and Shipping of titanium dioxide :

Titanium Dioxide for Paintings R1930 /R1931

Titanium dioxide Rutile R1931 Certifications 
Titanium Dioxide for Paintings R1930 /R1931

Titanium Dioxide for Paintings R1930 /R1931
Our Titanium dioxide Rutile R1931 Coating exhibition


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