Three reasons for the rise of red rosewood

Senior experts analyzed the following hotspots of redwood furniture from the following aspects:

1, the same high-grade mahogany. Large, small leaf rosewood and Hainan huanghuali, red rosewood have long been recognized as the representative of high-grade mahogany furniture. The density and specific gravity of red rosewood are not very different from those of red sandalwood, and resources are also limited. Therefore, the future of red rosewood is quite large.

2. Historical status. Most of the wood used in high-end furniture in Ming Dynasty in China was mainly composed of huanghuali and red sandalwood. In the Qing Dynasty, the above two types of wood were gradually scarce. Red rosewood was widely used and gradually became a substitute for huanghuali and red sandalwood. Admired.

3. Price factor. At present, the red sandalwood is more than 300,000 yuan/ton; the yellow pear is 600,000 yuan/ton; the price of red rosewood is one-fifth to one-quarter of the yellow pear.

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