The difference between the new three-stage sealing bolt and the wall bolt

The new three-stage water-stopping bolt of Yan Jian is also a type of wall-penetrating bolt. The addition of a water stop plate in the middle of the wall-through bolt becomes a water stop bolt, which has the unique function of the water stop bolt. What are the differences between them? First of all, they are jointly applied to the construction field and applied to the construction of the concrete wall. However, the new three-stage sealing bolts are applied to walls that require waterproofing, and the through-wall bolts are applied to walls that do not require waterproofing.

The different types of new three-stage sealing bolts used in construction are applied to the walls of buildings that need to be waterproof. Both the underground and above-ground buildings can be used because the inner rods contain water tablets and stay in the middle of the wall. Water infiltrates the outer wall. At the same time in time to block the infiltration of water and change the infiltration of the path, so as to play a role in the wall of water, waterproof, the inner rod is a consumable forever stay in the wall as a waterproof guard. The wall bolts only play a role in fixing the formwork and preventing the concrete from being used in the construction of the concrete wall. When the wall body is formed, the through-wall bolts can be stored directly after being withdrawn from the wall and can be reused repeatedly.

The structure of the new three-stage sealing bolts is three-stage structure, through the inner and outer rods connected to a concrete concrete wall, and welded in the middle of a water stop in the middle; through the wall bolt is a one-stage structure, the middle of the endless Water slice, with silk teeth or silk thread on both ends;

Due to the three-stage structure of the new three-stage type waterstop bolts in the production process, the inner and outer rods have their own technological requirements during production, and the details of the fine teeth at the joints are extremely strict, and the middle rod is protected by carbon dioxide welding. The process of welding the water stop sheet; while the production of wall bolts requires only one end of a type of bolt to be rolled out of the corresponding thread or the whole body, and there is no complicated production process.

Different prices The price of new three-piece sealing bolts includes inner rods, outer rods, water stop sheets, and processing costs (including wire forging), while wall bolts are just a bolt price plus the cost of forging both ends. It is also easier to understand.

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