The development of China's hardware locks to the high end must be both inside and outside the repair

Hardware locks play a major role in protecting people's lives, privacy, and safety in people's daily lives. With the development of society and advances in science and technology, the safety of traditional mechanical locks can no longer meet the increasing market demand. For different levels of security needs, the market demand for hardware locks is becoming more and more diversified, and the requirements for the quality and technical content of locks are also increasing. However, compared to the mature and mature international hardware lock industry, China's hardware locks are still at a low end.

Hardware locks have low entry barriers, mixed industry and market, small-scale enterprises, lack of core competitiveness, and low-tech small businesses can be seen everywhere. Most of these companies lack brand awareness, and have a large number of brand-name and unlicensed products. It is difficult to form corporate influence through the brand, and it is even more difficult to increase product added value through the brand.

Hardware locks must take both internal and external considerations if they want to take the high-end road. Good brand image propaganda and influence creation can certainly provide a powerful impetus for the development of enterprises. But the root of this driving force lies in the high quality of hardware lock products. .

According to industry insiders, in the future, domestic hardware lock products will focus on high-precision, high-efficiency, high-reliability, multi-function, multi-standard, multi-standardization, serialization, and generalization, demonstrating their characteristics.

According to the electromechanical online small series, the traditional traditional hardware lock has a long service life, and the lock cylinder will naturally wear out, and it is easy to be opened by a tooth-like key. If you don't replace the lock cylinder for a long time, you will have more serious security risks. It is very likely that you will open a few doors. With the development of society and the advancement of intelligent technologies, consumers are increasingly demanding the safety performance and convenience of locks. It is imperative for hardware lock manufacturers to carry out product technological reforms.

One of the main reasons for the long-term low-end status of China's hardware locks is the lack of independent product development. On the one hand, homogenization competition is serious, hardware lock companies in order to win the long-term consumer focus on low-cost competition, low prices on the shopping, resulting in many companies only pay attention to the production of low-end product marketing, while ignoring the improvement of product technology And innovation. On the other hand, the patent protection awareness of hardware locks is weak, and the infringement of technology in the industry is serious. The technology cost invested by many companies is actually outweighed by the gains. This has seriously hit the enthusiasm of hardware locks for corporate innovation.

According to the editorial report, under the new market situation, hardware companies should continue to develop new products and build professional brands to increase the added value and profits of their products and develop high-end products through improved management and awareness of patent protection. Truly create a good situation with better prices, superior survival and the fittest.

With the continuous deepening of China's opening to the outside world, high-end construction has developed rapidly and the prospects of the premium lock market are optimistic. China's lock industry investment in high-tech locks is increasing year by year, and the market demand for high-end locks has also increased year by year. The development of lock products must follow the development of the market. As long as there is a market demand, lock companies must develop and occupy the high-end market. With the continuous deepening of China’s opening to the outside world and the acceleration of the development of high-end buildings, the market for high-end hardware locks has great potential for development, and a large number of high-end enterprises will inevitably emerge.

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