The choice of bathroom ceramic bathroom

Every family must have a bathroom, the bathroom is the main part of the decoration, ceramic sanitary ware is the most important product of the bathroom, its purchase and support is particularly important. Ceramic sanitary ware has many varieties and brands, and the quality grades are quite different. The price difference is very different, so consumers must do their homework before purchasing.

All sizes are obvious to the chest

Before purchasing the toilet, be sure to measure the distance from the center of the drain to the wall (lower drainage method) or the distance from the ground (post-drainage method) to determine whether the selected toilet is a lower drain or a rear drain structure. A toilet of the same size and size can be installed. The wall distance of the toilet drain should be equal to or slightly smaller than the wall distance of the toilet drain (lower drainage mode); the distance of the toilet drain from the ground should be equal to or slightly higher than the height of the bathroom drain (post-drainage).

Visible face selection

First look at whether there is cracking: use a thin rod to tap the edge of the porcelain to hear whether the sound is crisp. When there is a "husky" sound, it proves that the porcelain has cracks.

Look at the deformation size: put the porcelain on a flat platform, check whether the movement is smooth and symmetrical in all directions, whether the mounting surface and the edge of the porcelain surface are flat, and whether the mounting hole is even and smooth.

Finally, the quality of the glaze: the glaze must be smooth and smooth, and the glaze is uniform. Visible surface, especially the glazed surface quality of water splashing is particularly important. A few drops of colored liquid on the glaze are wiped with a cloth. After a few seconds, dry with a damp cloth to check the glaze, no dirty spots are preferred.

Uniform style of accessories

There are more than one ceramic parts in the bathroom. The ceramics such as toilets, wash basins, soap boxes, hand cartons, and mop pools can only be harmonious or beautiful.


Porcelain parts also have water absorption rate, toilets also have performance requirements such as sewage, water consumption, noise, water seal function, etc. These performance consumers are generally difficult to check and judge, should try to buy products with quality credit guarantee, check the product A recent effective quality inspection report with the CMA chapter certified by the relevant national authorities.

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