The 2017 Cadillac National Engineering Channel Partner Conference was successfully held! Signed 520,000 sets on site!

From April 9th ​​to April 11th, “Cultural Excellence, Success and Success” was held in 2017 at Howard Johnson International Hotel, Chengdu. Mr. Su Zhiyong, Chairman of Cadiz, Mr. Su Zhiyong, senior leaders of the company, and more than 200 engineering channel partners from all over the country attended the conference.



On the 10th of the same day, all the partners shared their sights in Dujiangyan City and went to Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan and other places to experience the beauty of nature and the scenery of historical towns.



On the morning of the 11th, along with the elegant harp live music, the partners arrived at the venue to sign for the group and posed for pictures in front of the background wall showing Kaidishi style. After the inspiring opening performance, the Cadiz National Engineering Channel Partners Conference officially began.





At the meeting, Mr. Su Zhiyong, Chairman of Kaidi Shi, delivered a speech at the conference. He said: “The Kaidesh Engineering Channel started late, but it has developed rapidly. It is a rising star in the engineering channel of the smart lock industry and has now become a leader in the industry, Kaidi Shi. For the second consecutive year, it has won the honor of “Top 500 Chinese Real Estate Development Enterprise Brands” and is highly favored by major well-known real estate developers, and we believe that with the common efforts of all of you here, in 2018, Cadillac will surely take the lead and create brilliant achievements! ”



In the following conference, Mr. Lu Zhenyu, Director of Marketing Department at Cadiz, Mr. Ruan Weiye, General Manager of the Engineering Division of Cadiz, Mr. He Linming from the Engineering Department, and Mr. Chen Chunfei, Product Manager of the IoT Division made speeches.

Mr. Lu General Marketing Department elaborated the strategic planning for the 2018 Cadillac brand from the market level for everyone. “We will go from top to bottom, through the three-dimensional dimensions of CCTV, airports, high-speed rail, new media, and offline, to carry out all-dimensional Brand communication, the importance of the brand for the engineering channel is self-evident, excellent brands are more competitive, the brand is an important stepping stone for engineering channels, good products through the brand to make everyone understand the recognition, dialogue with the world ."



Mr. Yan Weiye, general manager of Kaidi Shi Engineering Channel Division, gave a retrospective and prospective keynote speech. “The sales data of the engineering channel for the whole year shows that the year-on-year increase in 2017 was 240%, and the number of successful bids and contracts signed in 2017 was 278 A total of 245,000 units, covering 78 cities across the country, and 45 of the top 100 real estate cooperatives.” He also said, “Academy's engineering channel has an elite team. Looking ahead to 2018, we will face more opportunities and challenges. However, precisely because we have such a team and we have high-quality products, we will continue to strengthen channel construction and management, and we believe we can achieve rapid breakthroughs and development."



Afterwards, Mr. He Linming from Kaidi Shi Engineering Department introduced the new products from Cadillac; Mr. Chen Chunfei, Product Manager of IoT Business Unit from Cadiz, brought us an analysis of the apartment market, apartment lock products and solutions, which gave us more insights. Products, understand the market.



In the afternoon meeting, Mr. Su Zhiyong, Chairman of Cadiz, gave a wonderful speech for everyone. Everyone's happiness may be different, but happiness must be achieved through struggle, and Chairman Su is such an industry that focuses on his favorite industry—locks. If one is engaged in research, it is a thirty-two year happy struggler who tells you with personal experience. Happiness is a struggle.


Taking products as the starting point, it is the first principle that Chairman Su has always been on the road to becoming a company. The first five years of Cadiz's single-engine drive has earned industry and mass consumer recognition for its products alone. From 2018, Cadillac will fully start the dual-engine drive, through the product + brand, so that more consumers understand Cadillac, fell in love with Cadillac. The brand is seen by Chairman Su as a bridge for communication with a wide range of users. It is an emotional transmission and has a temperature.


In addition, today's conference also presented outstanding partners, best outstanding contribution awards, service stars and VIP partners, and other honorary awards to thank all of you for their continued trust and support. The representatives of the winners shared their experiences and experiences with the participating partners.






In the contracting process, Kaidi Shi Sheng announced on-site the signing policy, partners have come to sign, there are large orders on the screen to show one by one, the final total orders reached 520,000, is the development of Kaidi Shi engineering channels A milestone figure in the process also shows the extraordinary strength of Cadiz.


At the appreciation dinner, the wonderful Chuanxi special program “Changing Face” was followed by excellent partners and VIP partners who jointly won a 100,000 yuan cash prize. The audience of the entire audience has jointly picked up many major awards such as Bluetooth speakers, smart robots, smooth cars, drones, and Huawei mobile phones, and the on-site atmosphere has become increasingly hot. The last round of crowdfunding awards also pushed the dinner atmosphere to a climax.



In recent years, Cadillac has reached strategic cooperation with dozens of leading real estate companies such as R&F, Rongsheng and Luneng. It is a key strategy for major developers to adopt intelligent lock brands. Cadiz has high-quality products and professional after-sales services. The team is trusted by the gathering partners.

For the second consecutive year, it has been awarded “The Top 500 Suppliers of China Real Estate Development Enterprises”, which is an affirmation of the outstanding achievements of the Cadiz project channel. At the same time, Cadillac has remarkable achievements in the retail channel and is the smart lock brand that is most welcomed and trusted by consumers.

Chung-hung teamwork, create brilliant. Today, we have witnessed the outstanding performance and charisma of the engineering channel through the collection of national engineering channel partners. Today's engineering channels are going hand in hand with the retail channels of Cadiz, and Cadiz is always adhering to the principle of “innovation, intelligence, quality, integrity. Craftsman's spirit "do products, adhere to the success of products, channel is king, brand first. With the convergence of the 2018 Cadillac engineering channels, it will surely create more glories and win the world together.

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