Small complex building staircase design small duplex building stairs decoration precautions

As far as the current situation is concerned, the duplex building is the type that people prefer now, especially those young people love more. The feeling of the duplex building is unique, and it also highlights the taste of the owner. How should I design the stairs? What should I pay attention to when decorating the stairs in the small complex ? Next, I will give you a brief introduction to the small series of the decoration home network.


First, how to do small complex staircase design

1. In the small-sized duplex building, the stairs are used as the connecting passages, so the first thing to note is that the combination of materials should be matched with the style of the whole room. Therefore, the stair railing is the key, whether it can The aesthetics of the entire staircase are consistent with the core of the style of the entire living room.

2. The design of the stairs of the small-sized duplex building should also take into account the detachability of the stairs. Therefore, when designing the stairs, it is necessary to consider the convenient process of the customer during use. It is recommended to use the modular splicing socket type. Decomposed the installation multiple times. The opening of the current duplex type has the size, even if the large opening is installed on the stairs, it is impossible to carry larger items, and some of the stairs products are often destructive when installed and disassembled again. So we must be careful about this.

3. Another is the design of the staircase. It needs some design rules to better adapt to the people's feet. Generally, the pedals are wide and the lower steps are more comfortable. In terms of size, the pedal width of the indoor staircase should be no less than 24 cm, and generally comfortable at 28 cm. The height of the riser should be no more than 20 cm, and is generally comfortable at 18 cm. Moreover, the height of each pedal and the height of the vertical plate should be the same, otherwise it is easy to cause people to fall. In order to better suit the staircase decoration of the duplex building.


Second, small complex building renovation stairs considerations

1. Stairs should pay attention to quality. The height of stair steps is about 15 cm. When it is more than 18 cm, the human body is easy to feel fatigue. The width of the steps is about 30 cm. In addition, the handrail is the standard for judging the quality of the stairs. From the perspective of feng shui, the armrest is not suitable for mirror or glossy metal color. If metal is used, it is best to use matte surface. Wooden handrails are a good choice, low-key simple and elegant.

2, the lamps are indispensable elements when decorating, we should grasp the principle of unrealisticity when selecting. Many owners want to use large chandeliers when decorating the duplex building. First of all, the big chandelier is expensive; secondly, the space is not big enough, the big chandelier will make people feel depressed; third, the large chandelier is inconvenient to clean, and the time is long and the ash is easy to be dull. Therefore, it is best to use a wall lamp or a ceiling lamp, a design lamp with a sense of style, to light up the home space.

3, some owners blindly pursue the effect of decoration, and will open the wall without moving, this is a taboo for the decoration. This is because the layout design of the duplex building is quite special. Each wall has the function of bearing weight. Even if a hole is dug in the wall, it will increase the burden and possible risk to the floor. It is best not to dismantle the wall, and the insurance company and the developer will not be responsible for the consequences.

Because each of us has only our own ideas and habits, so the effect of decorating the house is not the same, then the decoration design and attention of the small duplex staircase introduced by the above small series are also understood, then Today's related sharing is over here. If you still want to know more about decoration, continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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