Shower room tempered glass is best to cover the film to prevent safety hazards

Some people say that there is no bathtub in the bathroom, but there is no functional shower room. Nowadays, many owners have shower rooms in their homes, one is beautiful, and the other is mainly capable of “dry and wet separation”. However, frequent safety incidents have to attract everyone's attention. According to industry insiders, tempered glass has a self-detonation rate of three thousandths.

Too scary shower room glass suddenly explodes

News background: Wuhan women’s showers have many cuts in the shower room

In 2013, Ms. Lu, who lives in the hardcover room of Wuhan Tiandi Yujiang Court, took two children (one 7 years old and one less than 2 years old) into the bathroom to bathe. The child played in the bathtub and she showered in the shower room. About 10 minutes later, she walked out of the shower room and was tidying her hair in front of the bathroom mirror. The glass door of the shower room behind her suddenly burst into a smashing smash, and a pile of broken glass smashed onto her, and it was so painful. Her husband, Mr. Zhu, was watching TV in the bedroom. He heard the bathroom slamming and hurried over and saw a pile of broken glass on the ground. His wife was covered in blood. Mr. Zhu then sent his wife to 161 hospitals for medical treatment. After examination, Ms. Lu had more than 20 wounds in her body. The longest wound was in the left calf and was about 6 cm long. The doctor spent half an hour cleaning the glass debris in the wound.

News background: The wound of the New Moon is up to ten centimeters

"One month, the baby gave a shower to the baby, the glass in the shower room suddenly broke, so the thick pants were cut and the blood flow in the wound was not enough." At noon on the 12th, Mr. Pan told the newspaper that the left side of the shower room now There is only a small piece left on the glass plate, and the glass tweezers are scattered all over the place. Subsequently, the reporter saw Ms. Han in the East Campus of the Qingda Affiliated Hospital. "The baby is less than a month old, but fortunately it was not inside, or it was unimaginable." Ms. Han said that she was preparing to bathe the child. She first went to the shower room to release water, and the child and mother waited outside the door. Just put it for a while, I heard a bang, the glass of the shower room came to me, a few pieces of glass smashed onto her legs, and a large hole was made at the left tibia, which was more than ten centimeters long. I kept rushing out of the blood. "I was so frightened that I only remember the sound of the glass "哗啦啦"."

The child's mother hurriedly dialed 120 and contacted her husband. It is understood that this house is finely decorated, the shower room was installed at the time, the owners are not sure what brand. The child's father told the reporter that after the incident, the developer and the shower room manufacturer sent people to the scene to check the cause of the accident and further investigation was needed. The person in charge of the residential property said that the family members said that they did not touch the fixed bolts of the glass. Initially, they suspected that the shower room was self-destructive. They would actively deal with the aftermath and bear the medical expenses of Ms. Han.

Why does the shower room explode?

We found that the shower room bombings mostly occurred in hardcover rooms. Because many developers use a lot of shower rooms to save costs, they are produced by township enterprises or even small workshops that are not qualified for production. Most of these enterprises do not have the production standards of the enterprise. There is no relevant testing equipment when the products are shipped. Many of the tempered glass used are semi-tempered, or ordinary thickened glass, aluminum alloy or plastic frame used, and the quality of the guide rails and hardware are also inferior. , can not meet the safety standards.

Shower partition sticker explosion-proof membrane is safer

Home shower room affixed explosion-proof membrane is safer

According to industry insiders, compared with ordinary glass, tempered glass has a bending strength increased by 3 to 5 times, and the impact strength is 5 to 10 times that of ordinary glass. Even if it is broken, it has small fragments without sharp angles, and the damage is greatly reduced. However, tempered glass has the possibility of self-explosion when the temperature difference changes greatly, and the probability is about three thousandths, but the current national standards do not specify. The insiders suggest that you want to buy shower room products marked with brand, factory address and certificate, and try not to buy them without outer packaging. When purchasing tempered glass, the product must be at least 6 mm thick and have a 3C certification mark. It is best to use hot water to flush the glass door for five minutes before use.

If you want 100% safety, you can put a layer of high-quality transparent safety explosion-proof membrane on the glass of the shower room, and stick the self-explosive glass fragments together by the adhesive force of the explosion-proof membrane to prevent the glass from being caused by the glass explosion. The debris splash hurts people and plays a role in safety protection.

The tricks of the shower room are to choose the three aspects of glass, profile and pulley when purchasing:

[Glass]: There must be a national 3C safety certification. Knocking on the glass with the knuckles, the sound of the tempered glass is crisper, and the sound of ordinary glass is dull.

[Profile]: The high-grade mainstream shower room with high grade is made of high-purity aluminum, which is relatively strong and not easily deformed. The thickness is preferably above 1.1mm.

[Pulley]: If the pulley is pushed and pulled, it will make a loud sound or a twist, and sometimes there will be derailment, which will affect the service life.

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