Seven advantages of PETG plastics and a brief understanding of the five application areas

PETG plastic is a transparent plastic, which is an amorphous copolyester. The common comonomer for PETG is 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol (CHDM), which is called polyethylene terephthalate. Alcohol ester - 1,4-cyclohexane dimethanol ester. It is a product of polycondensation of terephthalic acid (TPa), ethylene glycol (EG) and 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol (CHDM) by transesterification. Compared with PET, 1,4 - Cyclohexane dimethanol comonomer, which has more ethylene glycol comonomer than PCT. Therefore, the performance of PETG is quite different from that of PET and PCT. With its uniqueness, currently only two companies in the United States, Eastman and South Korea, are more mature.

PETG characteristics:

1. Superior thermoforming performance

PETG sheets are easy to produce products with complex shapes and large draw ratios. Moreover, unlike PC boards and impact modified acryls, such sheets do not require pre-drying prior to thermoforming. Compared with PC board or acrylic, the molding cycle is short, the temperature is low, and the yield is higher.

2. Resilience

Extrusion sheets of PETG sheets are typically 15 to 20 times tougher than versatile acrylic and 5 to 10 times tougher than impact-modified acryls. PETG sheets have sufficient resistance during processing, transportation and use to help prevent cracking.

3. Weather resistance

PETG sheets offer excellent weatherability. It maintains the toughness of the product and prevents yellowing. It contains a UV absorber that can be coextruded into a protective layer that protects the board from the harmful effects of UV light.

4. Easy processing

PETG sheets can be sawed, die cut, drilled, punched, sheared, riveted, milled and cold-bent without breaking. Slight scratches on the surface can be eliminated with a heat gun. Solvent bonding is also a routine operation. It is easier to process than general-purpose acrylic, impact-modified acrylic or PC board, and can be processed by flocking, electroplating, static electricity, etc.

5. Excellent chemical resistance

ETG sheets are resistant to a wide range of chemicals as well as commonly used cleaners.

6. Environmental protection

PETG sheet substrates are environmentally friendly materials that meet food contact management requirements.

7. Economics

It is cheaper than a PC board and more durable than acrylic.

Injection molding process conditions

Drying treatment: Drying before processing is necessary. The humidity must be below 0.04%. It is recommended to dry at 65 ° C for 4 hours. Note that the drying temperature should not exceed 66 ° C.

Melting temperature: 220~290 °C.

Mold temperature: 10~30 °C, recommended 15 °C.

Injection pressure: 300~1300bar.

Injection speed: Higher injection speeds can be used without causing embrittlement.

PETG application

1. Sheet material application

Using a conventional molding method, a transparent material of 1--25.4 mm thickness can be prepared, which has superior optical properties (high light transmittance, high smoothness and low halation), outstanding toughness and high impact strength, and its impact resistance. The strength is 3-10 times of modified polyacrylates, excellent molding performance, cold bending, no whitening, no cracks, easy to print and modify, widely used in indoor and outdoor signs, storage shelves, vending machine panels, furniture , construction and mechanical baffles, etc.

2. Profile application

Formable pipe or various profiles, the products are hard, transparent, good gloss, pressure is not white, easy to form and post-process, meet environmental protection requirements, widely used in architectural decoration and medical facilities, can also be applied to toys, household Electrical appliances, sports equipment, household items, etc.

3 cosmetic packaging

PETG plastics have glass-like transparency and near-glass density, good gloss, chemical resistance, impact resistance, and ease of processing, injection molding, injection blow molding and extrusion blow molding. It also produces unique shapes, looks, and special effects such as vibrant colors, matte, marble texture, metallic sheen, and more. It is also possible to use other polyester, elastic plastic or aBS for overmolding plastic molding.

4. Membrane

Specially used in high-performance shrink film, with a final shrinkage of more than 70%, can be made into a complex shape container packaging, with high plasticity, high transparency, high gloss, low haze, easy to print, not easy to fall off, when stored It has low natural shrinkage and is used in beverage bottles, food and cosmetic packaging, and electronic product labels. It has changed the opaqueness of traditional packaging films or the poor packaging effect.

5. Bottle

Improve the low toughness of traditional polyester beverage bottles, especially suitable for the manufacture of large-capacity thick-walled transparent containers, highly transparent, outstanding toughness and high impact strength, making the products difficult to break, difficult to scratch, easy to surface modification, and can also be applied to medical treatment. Nylon in the field of products.

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