Rubber Accelerator DBTU/N, N-Dibutyl Thiourea CAS No.: 109-46-6

Model NO.: 98%
Mf: C9h20n2s
Trademark: Ever Century
Transport Package: 25kg/Bag
Specification: 98%
Origin: China
Rubber Accelerator DBTU 

Chemical Name: N,N-Dibutyl thiourea

Molecular Formula: C9H20N2S
Molecular Weight: 188.3
CAS NO: 109-46-6
Oiled powder
White crystal powder
Initial M.P.ºC ≥
Loss on drying % ≤
Ash % ≤
Residue on 840μm sieve % ≤
Additive %
Properties: White or light yellow crystal powder. Density is 1.06 g/cm3. Soluble in alcohol, partly soluble in diethyl ether, insoluble in water.

Application: WilLING DBTU is an ullra-accelerator for mercaptan-modified CR(1-3phr). It has a vulcanizalion behaviour similar to that of WilLING ETU and WilLING DETU. It is also used as a seconda accelerator for NR and synthetic rubbers. It disperses easily in rubber. It is non-staining and does not bloom. It is practically odourless Antioxidant for NR, antiozonant for NR and SR, particularly SBR. It is also a corrosion inhibitor.
Packaging: 25kg plastic woven bag, paper wilh plastic film bag, 25kg drum.

Storage: The product should be stored in the dry and cooling place with good ventilation, avoiding exposure of the packaged product to direct sunlight. The product with pallet should not be stacked. Stacking of palletized material or temperature of above 35 ºC can cause unusual compacted product. The validity is 1 year.


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