Replacement and repair of dust collector bags

Under normal circumstances, the dust bag is gradually worn, and the main cause of wear is the grinding force of the dust, the deterioration of the filter material caused by the high temperature and the corrosion of the chemical substance. When the grinding force of the dust is strong, the wear of the bottom of the bag is the most serious. The increase in system capacity causes an increase in filtration speed and accelerates wear.

The dust collector cannot be used with a damaged cloth bag, otherwise it will accelerate the scrapping of the dust collector. When a small area of ​​a particular bag is damaged, the hole can be filled with an old cloth bag or a new filter cloth of the same material. The hole filling method is to use a silicone rubber compound for bonding, as long as the adhesive temperature and chemistry are used. Performance can be adapted to the process conditions.

When most of the bags are damaged, all replacement should be carried out (when the filter material is used for a long period of time, the fine dust accumulated in the filter layer will reduce the gas permeability, and when the system air volume is affected, it should be replaced if it is not damaged) It is best to replace the bag when the dust collector stops working. At this time, the cleaning controller should be closed, and the manhole door at the top can be opened to disassemble the bag. When disassembling, the bag cage is removed first, and then the bag is opened. The spring ring is pinched into a concave shape, and the bag is pulled up. Before installing a new bag, the dust on the plate hole should be cleaned.

Method of installing cloth bag and dust removal skeleton:

The installation of the bag cage and the bag is the minimum and careful work in all installations, so it should be placed at the end of the installation. When installing, the bag must not be hit and hooked with sharp objects, even small scratches will make the bag The life expectancy is greatly shortened. The method of installing the cloth bag is to first put the cloth bag into the bag room from the hole of the box flower board, and then knead the spring ring on the upper part of the bag mouth into a concave shape, put it into the flower hole plate of the box body, and then restore the spring ring to make it Press tightly on the circumference of the flower hole, and finally insert the bag from the mouth of the bag until the cover on the upper part of the bag is pressed against the hole in the plate. In order to prevent the bag from being trampled, it is required to install a bag for each bag.

If the dust collector cannot stop working when the bag is replaced, the respective chambers should be separated off-line separately, and then the compartments should be replaced. The isolated chamber should be in the closed state and the pulse valve is not working (safety, this will be Chamber pulse valve power supply cut off). When disassembling the bag, due to the small amount of negative pressure on the bag mouth, special care should be taken not to let the bag fall into the ash bucket for use, maintenance and maintenance.

(1) The dust collector equipment should be equipped with special personnel to operate and maintain, and make a record of operation. Managers should fully understand the principle, performance, structure, and conditions of use of the dust collector, and find problems in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the production system.

(2) Mechanical moving parts such as reducer and ash conveying device should be oiled and oil changed according to the regulations. In particular, the piston of the cylinder should not be short of oil. It is necessary to regularly add oil to the oil cup. If abnormal phenomena are found, it should be eliminated in time.

(3) The ash is ash, indicating that the filter bag has been damaged. When the maintenance is over, the high temperature fan and the exhaust fan are stopped, and the upper cover of the dust collector is opened. If there is ash accumulated at the filter bag mouth, the filter bag is damaged and must be replaced. .

(4) The air filter of the compressed air system should be drained regularly. The drain valve at the lowest point of the air bag should be drained regularly. If there is a gas tank, it should be drained regularly.

(5) The control valve shall be inspected and repaired by a special person, and the solenoid valve and pulse valve shall be inspected, repaired and replaced regularly.

(6) The sealing strip on the manhole door of the maintenance personnel shall be replaced in time if it is damaged or aged.

(7) After the process system is stopped during shutdown, the dust collector and exhaust fan should be kept working for a period of time to remove moisture and dust from the equipment. It must be noted that when the dust collector stops working, the dust collector must be repeatedly cleaned (can be manually cleaned) to remove the dust of the filter bag l to prevent moisture and bagging.

(8) When the dust collector is in normal operation, the dust discharge device cannot stop working, otherwise the dust in the ash bucket will overflow into the bag room, forcing the dust collector to stop.

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