Pneumatic measurement of cylinder head gasket sorting

The pneumatic measurement of the cylinder head gasket sorting of Huangshi College of Higher Education Liu Zixiang Huangshi College of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Hubei Huangshi 435003 measurement method for cylinder head gasket sorting, to ensure the sorting accuracy. Improve the efficiency of sorting.

Key time cylinder head gasket sand separation pneumatic measurement 1 1 cylinder head gasket is the seal of the refrigerator compressor chamber, the porous flat parts made by the wool contract are due to the cylinder head gasket shrinking chamber boundary product. 1 The performance of the shrinking machine is different, in order to ensure that the shrinking machine smashes the machine, without causing it, the difficulty and cost of the accessories are increased. Each spare part is measured and grouped before assembly, and then assembled according to the group. At present, the popular production model of the whole machine is directly upgraded by mechanical manual division, the precision of the manual is low, and the female product rate is low. After comprehensive analysis of the factors such as the sorting method of the parts related to the parts to be tested in the past, it was decided to use the pneumatic measurement method to realize the sorting of the rainbow cover gasket.

2 Pneumatic loan measurement principle Pneumatic measurement is a measurement method that uses the flow characteristics of compressed air to convert the dimensional change of the measured workpiece into a change in the physical parameters of the medium gas. The amount of change in the measured parameter of the workpiece is converted into a gas parameter change amount by a pneumatic test sneeze to be amplified, and the finger is displayed. The basic flow structure of pneumatic measurement shows that the gas source is filtered stably. The large-scale transformation workpiece can be designed into a flow-type flow-type pressure-type pneumatic measuring device according to the gas parameter variation +14. Since the pressure type pneumatic viewfinder can conveniently realize the sampling conversion transmission of the measurement signal, it has been widely used in production practice. 3 is a typical structure of the pressure-type pneumatic measurement transformation link.

After the filtered compressed air enters the plenum, the pressure enters the back pressure chamber through the main nozzle with the aperture of the mountain, and the gap between the measuring nozzle and the baffle with the aperture 1 flows into the atmospheric back chamber. The pressure 1 is determined to be different from the gap. Gap 3 is not 41, just follow the determination function, male. Senior engineer of Daye, Hubei, mainly engaged in the teaching and research of measurement and control technology.

Steady calendar gas slaughter baffle plate his cylinder head gasket back air chamber squirting called running 蛩 benchmark plate, change. The piezoresistive pressure sensor is converted into an electrical signal and transmitted to the signal sampling processing device to output the relative value of the thickness value of the measured cylinder head gasket.

The pneumatic measurement of the 3-cylinder head gasket achieves significant differences in measuring the different combinations of nozzle aperture 1 and channel length. Generally, the function curve 4, in order to reduce the measurement error, improves the measurement accuracy resolution and stability of the pneumatic measuring device, and the working condition should select an approximate straight line segment between 3 and 31. After theoretical calculation and experimental verification, the main nozzle of the pneumatic measuring device is selected as the aperture = mountain, the measuring method of measuring the nozzle hole 31 cylinder head gasket is soft and thin, and the thickness of the assembly is compressed and deformed. Dimensions, obviously, the free thickness measurement of the inch cylinder head gasket is not uniform and the accuracy of the measurement cannot be guaranteed. An effective method for measuring the thickness of a cylinder head turtle is to simulate the pressure state of its assembly. To this end, a set of hydraulic clamps has been designed to ensure that the cylinder head gasket is deformed under pressure when it is measured.

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the cylinder head gasket thickness measurement.

3.2 Main technical specifications of cylinder head gasket sorting Measurement range 2001 resolution 0.51 test accuracy, working environment temperature 20±2 AC power supply voltage 220±10 Pneumatic measuring system main structure and parameters set juice pneumatic probe pneumatic probe according to Factors such as the principle of measuring the measured structure of the measured object structure can be designed into different structural forms. Among them, the nozzle baffle is widely used in pneumatic measuring devices because of its simple structure and convenient use performance. The nozzle baffle structure used in the system 3.

3.3.2 The theoretical derivation and experimental verification of the upper nozzle aperture and the measurement nozzle size are clear. Yuli 1 is a non-linear curve with the change of the gap, and the 3.3.3 gas-to-electricity conversion of the blow-resistance aperture mountain and the 34-inch device converts the measured non-electricity into electricity, and is processed by computer processing, which is the mainstream of modern measuring devices. In this pneumatic measuring device, the pressure pneumatic system is selected. The reason is that the pressure change of the back pressure chamber can be conveniently converted into a standard 420 electrical signal by using a piezoresistive pressure sensor transmitter. At the same time, in order to meet the sorting speed requirements of 3 coffee 1, it is necessary to design a moving grouping mechanism. This also requires that the change of 1 please be converted into electricity; The tanning system provided to the grouping mechanism is used as a twisting number. The river, elbow type 420 piezoresistive pressure transmitter 5320 is selected and integrated into the pneumatic probe. Therefore, the utility model has the advantages of compact structure, quick installation, convenient reaction speed, stable stability and convenient sampling.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the pneumatic measuring device, the compressed air entering the pneumatic sensor must be a gas source with a constant clean humidity and constant pressure. Before the gas source enters the surge tank of the pneumatic sensor, it must be regulated by a voltage regulator. At present, there are many types of voltage regulators to choose from. For the quality of the gas source and the working environment at the production site, the system adopts the 9th and 2nd mechanical 3.3.5 grouping principle to achieve the sorting speed of 3,1. The entire measurement and sorting system must adopt a fully automatic design and control measurement from the loading clamp. The printing to grouping by 101 is automatically completed under program control. The grouping principle is 5.

move. According to the combination of the flapping flaps, it is possible to control the cylinder head flaps of different size sections into the corresponding troughs in consideration of the movement and the limitation, and the effective group spacing is designed into groups, that is, 31 sets. If the measured cylinder head gasket size is not valid. Within the distance, it will be divided, sent to the + chute, and then grouped by adjusting the control program.

Swing to the left and the 135 baffle does not move, ensuring that the cylinder head gasket is sent to the 1 slot. Etc. 4 Conclusion Pneumatic measurement with it, high magnification, high measurement accuracy relative to measurement, measurement force is small. 5, opaque cleansing and softness material measurement 0 on the wave test workpiece 1 clean, eliminating the measurement error caused by dust adhesion, no, moving parts.

Seven backhaul errors, good precision retention. It is widely used in parts inspection in production due to its strong anti-interference ability and suitable for on-site use. In the sorting of cylinder head gaskets, the automatic sorting system based on pneumatic measurement can fully meet the needs of on-site production, and solves the pasting and sorting effect of the cylinder head turtle sorting. Asked low.

1 edited by Liu Yuchu. Pneumatic measuring instrument. Beijing Machinery Industry Press, Sun Jun and so on. Dimensional measurement of gas-electric sensors. Instrumentation 3 Zhao Zhaocheng and so on. A preliminary study of a gas needle sensor for dimensional measurement. Instrument and sensor, 199954 Deng Shanxi and so on. Online detection technology. Beijing Machinery Industry Press,

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