Plate companies are recognized, environmental standards are the key

According to the relevant data, due to the low threshold of the sheet metal industry, the competitive landscape of the sheet metal industry is also relatively chaotic. If wood board companies want to obtain the “pass” for the consumer market, they also need to strengthen their environmental protection standards before they can be accepted by consumers and unimpeded.

In today's society, with the improvement of people's living standards, the healthy development of the real estate industry has a certain role in the home industry. As a component of the home furnishing industry, the wood board industry will surely be promoted to some extent with the healthy development of the real estate industry. This year, many national policies have brought business opportunities to the wood board industry.

Second-child policy is expected to be a major incentive for the growth of the wood industry

The decline in the birth rate caused by the declining birth rate is a major hidden danger for the entire infrastructure sector. The release of the two-child policy was just a solution to this problem. In the short term, the formation of a new baby boom stimulated the school district. Housing demand, and in the long run, multi-family units will gradually become tight, and the past “improved” housing will become “just-needed” housing, and the policy is expected to become a major incentive for the real estate market and the new round of growth of the wood industry in the future. . So that the home can not do without wood panels.

Promoting the trend of wood board products to adapt to aging society

The upsurge of real estate investment brought about by the ageing of the population is based on the basic construction field first, followed by the follow-up service quality. Improve relevant standards and promote the adaptation of corporate products to trends such as aging society, product technology, and space integration to help companies better grasp the design and service orientation in the competition. These are the wood board companies that need to work together and improve the key of. Then will be designed for the elderly to the appropriate wooden chairs, panel furniture and so on.

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