Multifunctional storage stool photo collection

In recent years, as a new type of furniture stool, the multi-functional storage stool has been favored by many families. Its shape is mostly round, polygonal, square or rectangular. The multi-functional storage stool can not only be used as a stool, but also can be used for storage. Things and decorating the room, three things in one fell swoop, then Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the multi-functional storage stool photo gallery

Multifunctional storage stool 1:

This simple appearance, without the decoration of the bells and whistles, gives a simple and refreshing visual effect. It uses zero formaldehyde to export solid wood boards, no scar joints, and the two sides are smooth and smooth. It is beautiful and safe at home. Ordinary stools can be used as a stepping foot and a storage function, which is very convenient.

Multifunctional storage stool 2:

Fruit storage stool, I think there will be a lot of girls like it, the effect of realistic fruit shape is not very appetizing, it is a beautiful scenery at home, the storage stool in addition to the large storage space, the surface is adopted Super soft plush and sponge, durability is not very intimate.

Multifunctional storage stool 3:

This car-shaped storage stool will be very much like children. The cute appearance and beautiful colors are very suitable for children's rooms. They can also be disassembled for easy carrying and not occupying places. Children's toys and daily clothes are all It can be put in, in addition to keeping the room clean and tidy, it is also a good habit to train children to organize their own items.

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