Modern wooden villas have the advantage of modern wood villa style

With the improvement of people's living standards, people are increasingly demanding houses, and villas have become the target of most people. Modern wooden villas have become one of the goals of the majority of friends. Modern wooden villas are known to have wood made from the words. The whole wooden villa is no stranger to everyone, but there are still many people who don't know much about it. Next, there will be a small series for everyone to introduce the advantages and styles of modern wooden villas.


First, the advantages of modern wooden villas

1, no basic design, suitable for different terrain

The wooden house design can be carried out in any bad terrain, such as on the water, on the river bed, on the beach, on the hillside, in the woodland. And its small size, light weight and other characteristics are also more suitable for use in islands and mountains with poor transport conditions.

2, sturdy and durable, superior performance

The wooden house design adopts an all-steel chassis and a closed light steel skeleton structure. The overall performance can be compared with the car. It has superior seismic and impact resistance. The wall part is composed of interior layer, moisture barrier layer, structural layer and Made up of exterior finishes, Fitwell's chalets have good insulation, sound insulation and weather resistance.

3, easy to install, easy to move

The various components of the wooden house design are bolted, so the disassembly and assembly is convenient, and the material reuse rate can reach more than 90%. It takes about half a year for the traditional house to be completed from civil construction to renovation. It will take longer in the rainy season, and it will require cumbersome health approval procedures. The design uses factory prefabricated production and is not affected by the climate.

4, long service life


Second, the style of modern wooden villas

1, because the wooden house design uses an all-steel chassis and a closed light steel skeleton structure, the life can be as long as 50 years or more, which only needs to be refurbished and refurbished in about 20 years, and can also be replaced by a static finish. The new materials and new colors that you like are just like the new house built. The process of renovation and renovation is as simple as assembling a set of furniture. It can be done by yourself and the cost is not high.

2, the lightweight frame is the combination of the closely spaced specification material parts and the cover layer to form the structural basis of a building. This structural foundation provides rigidity, supports interior trim and outer cladding, and leaves room for insulation. Light wood construction is the most common type of residential construction industry in North America. This form of construction can also be used for larger commercial and public buildings. For example, the Forest Products Research Institute in Vancouver, Canada, covers an area of ​​9,300 square meters, and the office and experimental buildings are examples of large-scale use of lightweight frame structures. ,

3. The walls of a residential building may typically be 38 x 89 mm and 2.4 meters high, while the walls of Forintek buildings are constructed of 38 x 235 mm walls and 5 to 5 meters from the floor to the ceiling. The result: the building is strong enough to meet the stringent requirements of the research site. When constructing a structural frame, the lightweight frame uses gauges, typically 38 mm wide sawn wood, up to 286 mm deep, and sized wood products. These major structural components are used in conjunction with the cover assembly to provide rigidity to walls, floors and roofs. In general, the spacing between light frame components is no more than 600 mm. For some load-bearing structures, engineered wood products may be used as frame components. Light frame components may be used in conjunction with heavy beams or columns to provide direct load transfer to the foundation, where large headroom is required.

The above is the modern wooden villa introduced by Xiaobian for everyone. I hope that every friend can achieve his goal. Have a villa of your own. You can refer to the above to design your own villa. To learn more about home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to our decoration home network.

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