Main structure, fault diagnosis and maintenance of garden machinery gasoline blower

The garden machine gasoline blower is now an indispensable tool for the cleanliness and greening of municipal gardens. The hair dryer has the characteristics of light weight, high efficiency and high efficiency compared with human power. The use of the hair dryer is very extensive. There are many users who don't know much about the garden machine's gasoline blower. Here's to introduce the main structure, fault diagnosis and maintenance of the garden machine's gasoline blower.


Garden machinery petrol blower main structure

1. Gasoline engine is the power source of this machine. It is directly connected to the front half volute and the impeller.

2, scroll, impeller

Front and rear volutes and impellers, producing a source of wind, connected to gasoline engines and racks

3, fuel tank to the gasoline engine, fastened to the rack.

4, air filter

Provide clean air to the gasoline engine and fix it on the rack. The rack is the supporting part of the aircraft.

5, air duct

The main part of the hair dryer is the direct part of the cleaning operation.

Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance of Garden Machine Gas Blower

Gasoline blowers (also known as wind extinguishers) have maintenance methods that are difficult to start, lack of power (slimmer), abrupt shutdown, and engine overheating.

Gasoline blower starts difficult or fails to start

First check whether the spark plug has a fire: When removing the spark plug, remove the dust and debris at the spark plug hole in advance to prevent debris from falling into the cylinder. When removing, use a spark plug sleeve to secure the spark plug and turn the sleeve to remove it. If the spark plug has too much carbon, remove the carbon deposit and adjust the spark plug clearance (0.6-0.7mm).

Turn on the circuit switch and place the spark plug electrode close to the metal parts of the engine and quickly pull the starter assembly to see if the spark plug flashes over:

If the spark plug does not flash over, remove the spark plug, place the high-voltage cable connected to the spark plug close to the metal parts of the engine, and quickly pull the starter assembly to observe if the fire is skipped. If the flashover occurs, the spark plug will be damaged and the spark plug will be replaced. If it is not flashed, the magneto will be damaged, replaced or repaired.

If the spark plug flashes, check the fuel tank for fuel or fuel filter plugs, clean or replace. First of all, determine: poor fuel quality, replace the fuel; plug the fuel tank vent plug, clear, clean up. Secondly determine: Piston ring, cylinder wear serious, replace. Determine the excess fuel intake, adjust the carburetor, and reduce the oil supply.

Gasoline blower output power becomes smaller after using for a while

First check: if there is water in the fuel, replace the fuel; if the 2T oil (FC grade or above) is bad, replace it.

Secondly, check whether the muffler is carbonized or blocked and cleaned; if the air filter is clogged, clean or replace it.

Check again: the cylinder combustion chamber carbon deposition, remove carbon deposition.

Gasoline blower suddenly turned off during use

First check: if the piston and cylinder are "killed", repair or replace.

Secondly, check: whether the spark plug lead falls off or not, and then firmly connect; the carbon deposit of the spark plug is serious, and the carbon deposit is removed.

Check again: if the magneto is damaged, replace it.

Gasoline blower engine overheated

1, cylinder fins are blocked, clear.

2, poor lubrication, adjust the ratio of gasoline and oil.

3, gas concentration is too low: a) adjust the carburetor; b) flange sealing surface leakage.

4. The carbon in the combustion chamber of the cylinder is removed.

The above are the contents of the main structure, fault diagnosis and maintenance of the garden machine gasoline blower introduced by Xiao Bian. The garden machine gasoline blower is mainly used for environmental cleaning, and is also suitable for annoying and clean urban roads. It can clean fallen leaves, road dust, garbage, etc. It can also be used for sanitary cleaning in residential areas, schools, hospital factories and other units.

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