Main pests and diseases of crops and their control measures

First, cotton field cotton mites:
1. After topping, combined with the reduction of ammonium capping, spraying 1% to 2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate to promote the aging of cotton leaves and reduce the occurrence of cotton aphid.
2, to achieve the prevention and control indicators cotton field (100 plants, 3 leaves, 12,000 heads), can be used acetamiprid, imidacloprid, methomyl control, rotation use.
Second, the corn double-spotted long-necked beetle, cotton bollworm, corn borer, aphid
1. Lay the protective tape and eliminate the pests on the weeds around the corn field. You can use the dichlorvos + 哒螨 spirit spray.
2. For plots with heavier pests, it is recommended that the insecticidal cyanide • high-efficiency cyfluthrin (Arica) + 200 g of potassium dihydrogen phosphate spray be used for the purpose of spraying and preventing multiple. Due to the high activity of the leaf beetle, the corn plant is now relatively tall, and it is recommended to use the specialized system to prevent and control the ruling team.
Third, fight melon baldness:
Can use 32.5% diphenyl ether bicycloazole azoxystrobin suspension (Ami Miao) 30ml / mu per acre, or 12% nitrile emulsifiable concentrate 50ml / acre + yellow humic acid 60 ~ 100ml + potassium dihydrogen phosphate 200g , spray 40 liters of water.
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