Lucky bamboo how to raise the role of bamboo and breeding notes

Lucky bamboo, also known as transfer bamboo, is exquisite in its shape, full of bamboo rhyme, and full of vitality, and contains rich and valuable auspicious meaning, and thus welcomed by consumers. Then everyone knows how to raise lucky bamboo ? What are the precautions for lucky bamboo farming ? The following Omido Xiaobian for everyone to briefly introduce it!


How to raise lucky bamboo

1, try to choose to place the translucent bamboo in a semi-shade environment, the transfer of bamboo more like a damp environment, such an environment in the transfer bamboo grow faster, the leaves of the president is very bright.

2. Keep the soil loose and use fertile soil. Transplantation bamboo is suitable for growth in well-drained sandy or semi-muddy and alluvial clays. Do not use viscous or alkaline soils. Therefore, the soil for transporting bamboo should be selected as best as possible so as to facilitate the healthy growth of bamboo.

3, the suitable temperature for the transport of bamboo is 20-28 °C, so try to put the transfer bamboo in a warmer room, to ensure the transfer of bamboo growth. Although transport bamboo can withstand low temperatures around 3°C, it will affect its growth at low temperatures for a long time, especially in cold winters.

4, to avoid the long-term exposure of the transfer of bamboo or placed in a dark place that does not see a bit of sunshine, a long time can cause leaves yellow, chlorotic, slow growth. Especially in April-September, we must avoid direct sunlight and exposure to sunlight, otherwise it is easy to make the leaves rough, dry and weak.

5. Pay attention to the time and method of watering the transport bamboo. It is generally better to water in the morning or in the evening, especially in winter. When watering, the water temperature is preferably the same as the room temperature. The cool water can be warmed by adding a little hot water. Also, often spray or sprinkle water on the leaves of the transfer bamboo to increase the humidity of the air and keep the soil moist.

6. Transit bamboo should be sparsely cut after several years of branch growth to maintain its beautiful appearance. The cut branches can be transplanted and can also be grown in transparent glass containers. It is very beautiful.


Transportation bamboo breeding notes

First, water quality issues, mainly to see whether the transfer of bamboo roots are fresh, such as root rot, you should cut off the roots and use cold water. When symptoms are severe, pesticides should be sprayed or a small amount of bactericide should be added to the water tray.

The second is caused by environmental conditions, such as dark light, stifling heat, and air drying. If it is the cause of light, cut the yellow leaves first to create an environment that is clean, warm, cool, moist, and has good light scattering. When the bamboo shoots are rotted, the bamboo straps are loosened and the rotten ones are picked out and re-ligated to gradually recover them.

The role of transport bamboo

1. The color of the transfer bamboo is dark green or green, and this color contributes to the body and mind of people who are happy;

2, transport bamboo can adsorb indoor harmful gases, dust, and can adjust the indoor humidity;

3, transfer bamboo also has the effect of reducing radiation, for people who often face the computer and mobile phones, played a very protective effect.

The above is a note on how to raise and lucky bamboo culture in Lucky Bamboo . I believe we all know how to raise Lucky Bamboo after reading this article! If there are doubts you can continue to browse related encyclopedias, there will be more ways to plant flowers to teach you!

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