Le truck combined with the launch of the first smart rearview mirror for commercial vehicles

On May 16th, 2016, Beijing Le Trucks Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Le Truck Union) with the theme of “True·Da” was held in Beijing. The conference was hosted by Le Trucks, and Qianfang Technology, Zhongjiao Xing Road, FAW Liberation, and Multi-List Technology sponsored. The gathering of large-scale cafes witnessed the historic moment of the birth of Le Truck Associates and heavyweight products.

With the development of vehicle networking becoming more and more information-oriented and intelligent, Le Trucks has adopted the concept of “car-connected objects” to accurately grasp the application scenarios of commercial vehicle-vehicle networking and close production, with intelligent vehicle hardware terminals as the entrance, from safety, efficiency, The three aspects of entertainment solve the actual needs of logistics companies and car owners. At present, Le Trucks has won a million-level angel investment led by light source venture capital. At the press conference, the founder and CEO of Le Truck Co., Ltd., together with many industry insiders, unveiled the first commercial vehicle smart rearview mirror product, “Lekawei”, which carries the dream and mission. Mysterious veil.

Big screen, great wisdom, escort for driving safety

As the industry's first in-vehicle smart rearview mirror for commercial vehicles, Lekavision is equipped with an 8.8-inch large HD display. The tough shape design and smooth lines make the overall shape very cool, quite a feeling of Transformers, in line with the concept of the freighter car protection god.

In addition to the cool "face value", Lekawei rearview mirrors have an ultra-high "intelligence". For logistics companies and commercial vehicle owners, driving safety is the number one priority. As a result, the Lectra rearview mirror integrates ADAS driving assistance, driving record, reversing image, parking monitoring, one-click rescue and many other functions. Before the danger occurs, the ADAS driving assistance can provide early warning to avoid or reduce the accident. When it is dangerous, the driver can use the remote control one-button SOS to call for help. At the same time, Lekawei can instantly send instant image information to the enterprise platform and the owner of the vehicle through live broadcast. With the support of the cloud platform, the vehicle status and other related data can be automatically backed up to the cloud when the danger occurs, forming a complete evidence chain for subsequent investigation and evidence collection. A series of safety protection and auxiliary functions have effectively improved the safety of driver driving.

Large system and large service make cargo life more convenient and efficient

Unlike the passenger car rearview mirrors, as a commercial vehicle rearview mirror, the Leica vision function service is inseparable from the characteristics of a commercial vehicle as a production tool. Through the ecological open cooperation, Le Trucks is committed to improving the production efficiency of freight logistics and providing a full range of platform-level services. On the one hand, the integrated ETC function of the Leica Vision mirror can be combined with the depth of the ETC card business, eliminating the trouble of the driver carrying a lot of cash, saving time and worrying on safety; on the other hand, it is good with the car. Dedicated integration of dedicated lines, cargo maps, weather forecasts along the way, etc., to create customized versions for car owners to achieve seamless integration with logistics upstream and downstream industries. This rearview mirror can also analyze the data of the freight industry by effectively integrating big data such as position information, cargo information, driver and road condition information, and then fully utilize the data value, continuously optimize the industry capacity, reduce logistics costs, and improve transportation. effectiveness.

At the same time, in order to solve the problem of monotonous and boring driving process of the freight driver, Lekawei rearview mirror is specially designed for this group, and launches a large number of audio and video resources such as video call, voice chat, news broadcast, video play, network FM, etc. Carry out a series of customized adaptations to accompany the driver's driving life, so that every trip becomes comfortable and happy, so that every cargo person can enjoy the fruits of scientific and technological progress and create their own wealth and value.

Product hardware configuration is also quite bright. Lekawei rearview mirror adopts 8.8-inch high-definition IPS full-view, 1920*480 HD resolution, full-screen narrow-screen large screen, equipped with quad-core 64-bit MTK6735A processor, 2GB RAM+16G EMMC flash memory, 4G LTE 5 mode 13-frequency full Netcom system, GPS + Beidou dual-mode configuration, also equipped with G-sensor, O-sensor, gyroscope multiple high-precision sensors, and a 130-volt anti-surge module customized for commercial vehicles . At the same time, the copper tube heat dissipation design with hidden inlet and outlet ducts effectively ensures the stable operation and excellent performance of the Lekawei rearview mirror. In terms of software configuration, Lekawei regards the commercial vehicle as a deep customization of the “DUI·Corporation System” with the main driving and the second driving mode, which makes it even more eye-catching. At the same time, products equipped with quad-core 64-bit Qualcomm processors will also be available simultaneously.

The launch of the Le Trucks Company and the release of Lekawei Smart Rearview Mirror products marked the first step in the strategic layout of the truck network. Next, Le Trucks will continue to integrate the upstream and downstream resources of the industry chain, promote the intelligentization and ecological win-win of commercial vehicle networking, and create a value for users, industry and society with a high sense of mission and responsibility!

Global hardware network

Concerned about surprises

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