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Science and technology dynamic mind reading We often see in science fiction movies. For example, Professor X in X-Men and Edward Cullen in Twilight can read your thoughts through ideas. However, we all think that this is only a plot of the movie and it is impossible to exist in real life. If you think so, then OUT, because artificial intelligence is developing faster than you think.
Recently, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has released such a new "reading heart" headset - AlterEgo, it is a head-mounted or, more properly, a jaw-mounted device. When you put it on your face, you think about it in your mind. You don't need to talk about it. It can be read and you can make feedback accordingly.
It is understood that when you want to say a word, although there is no export, the nerve signals of the brain have actually been sent to the muscles that control the mouth. These subtle changes are hard to perceive. AlterEgo will place seven highly sensitive electrodes next to your mouth to pick up these signals to recognize and translate the instructions given by the brain.
AlterEgo reads neuromuscular signals through the electrodes in this white device on the chin. The program will read your “voice in your head” and give feedback like a voice assistant. It is reported that the recognition accuracy of this technology is as high as 92%, which is similar to some voice assistants on the market.
For example, when I came up with a question in my mind about "Which street do I want to go to," the AlterEgo headset can recognize my thoughts, and then navigate through the linked application in a bone conduction headset and tell me How do I go?
In the imagination of the researchers, this device is a new human-computer communication platform. In addition to the functions that can control smart homes, send text messages, conduct search, and other basic functions, AlterEgo may have more application possibilities. It allows you to perform three operations without speaking.
The first is the control of the Internet of Things: For example, when you watch TV or listen to music, you only need to operate in your mind, you can directly control these operations without opening your mouth. AlterEgo is equivalent to today's smart speakers, when you no longer need to open the mouth to control the appliance.
The second acts as a personal assistant: voice assistants have been around for so many years, but we are still not very accustomed to waking up and manipulating in public places. With this instrument, however, you only need to silently interpret some tasks in your heart and the computer will “understand” and tell Your results, such as the time of the inquiry, or asking the weather, or even shopping at the supermarket, can all be silent and let AlterEgo's built-in calculator tell you the results. According to the assumption, this personal assistant who does not speak up can translate for you. , Help you search, check words, perform calculations, and set alarms. You can even let the computer tell you the best way to go when you are playing.
The third social function: Although it sounds a bit dreamy, in fact, when people around you are wearing AlterEgo devices, it is also possible to hear what the other person wants to say without opening. This is equivalent to the original If you want to talk directly to the other party's headset, the first way of communicating with the Internet of Things is somewhat similar.
The above three kinds are all based on the electrical signals transmitted by muscles, and the corresponding judgments are made through the artificial intelligence on the understanding of the electrical signals. After all, this is similar to the logic that the artificial intelligence assistant understands the voice operation, but it is not easy. Of course, there are many scenarios that can be applied to the scenario.
Thad Starner, a professor from the Georgia Institute of Technology, said: "For example, to control aircraft at the apron of the airport, the loud noises at that time usually cannot be communicated by voice. Imagine that in similar situations, when the surrounding environment is high noise, the aircraft carrier, This is a meaningful system for power plants, printing machines and other places.” He also believes that in some physically disabled people, this device can help them achieve a better life.
Although AlterEgo is still in the prototype stage, the exaggerated shape is not yet suitable for wearing in public places. However, this research undoubtedly shows us a new artificial intelligence application scenario. It is believed that as technology continues to mature, we will soon be able to see consumer-focused products that are brightening.

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