How to use glass tableware is the most correct

Crystal clear, easy to clean, these characteristics make glass tableware popular with many consumers. However, the reporter found that due to the lack of understanding of glass products, and the product identification on the market is not clear, many consumers are caught in the misunderstanding, such as the glassware placed in the microwave oven without any material, which brings a safety risk to itself.

â– Market survey

Missing product identification

The reporter visited the market and found that many large-scale commercial supermarkets sell a wide range of glass tableware, but many products do not clearly indicate the necessary information such as materials, whether they can be heated and precautions for use.

In the Auchan supermarket reporter, the glass crisper will generally be equipped with detailed instructions for use, indicating the material of the product, precautions for use, etc., such as how to use it in the oven, under what circumstances the use of danger will occur. Some products are also marked in a prominent position as heat-resistant glass or tempered glass. Some products with a box also indicate the type of glass and instructions for use on the package.

At the same time, however, a large number of glass cups and dishes are mostly markedly blurred. Some products simply write the word "glass" on the material, and no other information. What's more, there are only simple product names and barcodes, and other information is not known.

â–  Consumers say

How to use experience

At what temperature is the glass not easy to burst? What kind of glass tableware can be put into the microwave oven? How can consumers choose and use glass tableware when they cannot know the important information of the product? The reporter has randomized some consumers. Interview.

Ms. Zhang said that she generally chooses a thicker texture because it looks more solid and may be more resistant to high temperatures. She also believes that glass tableware should be able to be heated in a microwave oven. She has been doing this and has not had any problems.

"Toughened glass is definitely stronger than ordinary glass." Ms. Chen has different opinions. But when the reporter asked what kind of tempered glass tableware, she said that sometimes the product trademark would be written, and when there is no label, she would choose to be thicker.

â–  expert statement

Heat-resistant glass logo is still being promoted

Zhao Wanbang, deputy secretary-general and senior engineer of China Daily Glass Association, said that there are certain misunderstandings when using glass tableware. The most common one is to heat the glass tableware in the microwave oven regardless of the material. He introduced that there are many kinds of glass for making tableware. Only heat-resistant glass is suitable for use in microwave ovens and ovens. It is not as thick and tempered as the public thinks, and it is wrong to use other kinds of glass tableware to heat. There is a certain security risk.

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