How to integrate integrated wall surface how to clean

Nowadays people are becoming more and more aware of environmental protection. Integrated wall surfaces are favored by people as a new type of indoor decorative material. The greatest advantages of integrated wall surfaces are their advantages of heat protection, fire prevention, and sound insulation. And because it integrates the splicing installation method, it has changed the traditional decoration methods and injected new vitality and vitality into the decoration industry. The following small series for everyone to introduce how to integrate the wall surface and how to clean the integrated wall.

How about integrated wall

1. The thermal insulation performance of the integrated wall surface can completely solve the top layer of sunlight on the balcony, the sun room and the top floor of the villa, and has obvious energy-saving effects.

2. The integrated wall has the colors and patterns of the wallpaper and the paint. The surface has a stronger three-dimensional effect and the decorative effect is better. Compared with traditional wall decoration materials, the integrated wall integrates one-stop decoration of wall and ceiling of the whole house, and can decorate more outstanding home style.

3. The raw materials used in the integrated wall surface are very environmentally friendly, and the overall renovation of the room does not paint this process. The time and paint taste of the decoration materials can be solved, which can greatly save the check-in time.

4. The integrated wall surface can be scrubbed directly with a cloth, which can solve the problem of scrubbing the decoration product.

5. The integrated wall subverts the traditional decoration method and does not require any other treatment on the wall surface. It can be installed directly on the rough house wall surface with a buckle plate type, shortening the decoration time, and minimizing the decoration of garbage.

How to clean the integrated wall

1, dust

Dust on the wall can be removed directly with a feather duster, dry cleaning wet wipes are possible.

2, handwriting

If there is a handwriting on the integrated wall, it can be erased with an eraser; if it is a crayon, it can be scraped with a cardboard without damaging the color and the surface.

3, stains

For stains on integrated walls, such as mud, glue, etc., they can be scraped off with cardboard and then wiped with a damp cloth or eraser.

4, oil stains

For stubborn grease, you can mix and dilute with water and detergent, then wipe with a cloth and mix directly, and then scrub clean with clean water to restore smoothness.

Editor's summary: How to integrate the wall and how to clean the integrated wall is introduced here. I hope to help everyone. Want to learn more related knowledge can focus on this site information.

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