How to decorate the ceiling, what are the common decoration ceiling styles?

In the home decoration, the design of the ceiling is more and more diversified, which can bring different decorative effects to the interior. However, aircraft repair ceiling set design style choices should also be closely combined with the size of the room, the overall style of interior decoration, renovation of the following home network Xiaobian to introduce several different styles Decoration ceiling design features and the applicable room, I hope I can give you some reference.


The five most common decorative ceiling styles

First, the plane decoration ceiling

Visual features: It is equivalent to adding a flat plate to the top surface, usually with an auxiliary light source inside.

Applicable rooms: Generally only used in small areas such as entrance halls and restaurants. In order to increase the thermal insulation, a flat ceiling is also used on the top layer. If the area is large, it is recommended to use it when the height is more than 2.7 meters.

Suitable style: modern minimalism

Common materials: light steel keel + gypsum board

Second, the level of decoration ceiling

Visual features: the ceiling of the building with more than 2 floors.

Applicable room: It is mostly used for the type of central air-conditioning. Because the thickness of the central air-conditioning is more than 35 centimeters, the ceiling of the multi-level decoration can increase the sense of layering, and the requirements for the height of the house are higher. The general requirement is 2.7 meters or more.

Suitable style: modern minimalism

Common materials: light steel keel + gypsum board

Third, special-shaped decoration ceiling

Visual features: The ceiling of the irregular figure itself is called a special-shaped ceiling.

Applicable room: Normal room height (2.6 meters) can be hung. Due to material limitations, these graphics are limited to simple cartoons such as stars and moons, so they are more common in children's rooms.

Suitable style: suitable for a variety of styles, depending on the pattern.

Common materials: light steel keel + gypsum board + latex paint


Fourth, straight decoration ceiling

Visual features: Straight ceiling is similar to the top corner line, but the top corner line is narrower and thinner, while the width of the straight-lined ceiling is between 30-45 cm and the thickness is between 8-12 cm.

Applicable room: The room height is 2.6 meters, and the living room, bedroom and other areas can be hung, suitable for houses with squares.

Suitable style: modern minimalism

Common materials: light steel keel + gypsum board

Five, curved decoration ceiling

Visual characteristics: Arc ceilings often have to go around the space, but the lines are mostly curved or wavy.

Applicable room: Suitable for shaped rooms. The room is 2.6 meters high, and the restaurant and living room are all OK.

Appropriate style: The decorative style is not very obvious, it can increase the dynamic and reduce the feeling of dullness.

Common materials: light steel keel + gypsum board

The above is the information about the common decoration ceiling style brought by the decoration home network Xiaobian, I hope to help you, if you need to know more information, please continue to pay attention to our home encyclopedia!

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