How to decorate antique shops? Antique shop decoration design elements

As an antique shop, the classic and timeless temperament is the key. You must let others look at the antiques. When you walk in, you can feel that this is a professional and credible antique shop. So how to decorate the antique shop? The following decoration home decoration network small series will be for everyone to check the antique shop decoration design elements, hoping to provide help for everyone.

How to decorate antique shops?


Antique shop decoration design elements 1, retro bricks. The application of retro bricks has increased in recent years, mainly because of the localization of its ingredients and the relative price reduction. However, at present, domestic retro bricks are still not the opponents of imported retro bricks in terms of product quality and texture processing.

Antique shop decoration design elements 2, natural culture stone. Now, you can buy natural culture stone for about 100 yuan per square meter. As long as it is processed a little, it can also achieve the decorative effect of artificial stone, and it has more natural texture.

Antique shop decoration design elements 3, stainless steel security door double-sided plus glass. Whether it's popular or practical, the stainless steel security door with double-sided glass is easier to clean, more smooth and more smoke and soundproof.


Antique shop decoration design elements 4, fabric sofa. The cloth sofa is a sofa that can change the appearance color and pattern at any time with the changes of the four seasons or the emotions of the mood, making the antique shop style more choice.

Antique shop decoration design elements 5, carpet. Perhaps you rarely see people using carpets in their homes, but carpets have become one of the ground materials of choice. The main varieties are high-grade silk carpets, mid-range wool carpets and low-grade nylon carpets.

Summary of small series: The customers who want to attract antique shop decoration must be people with certain spending power, so the decoration of antique shop can't be casual, people feel that there is no threshold, anyone can come in and see, it is not a vegetable market. Yet? Therefore, the friends of the store owners need to master the above factors, I wish you all the business owners are booming.

The above is how Xiaobian brought you to decorate the antique shop? The entire contents of the antique shop decoration design elements, I believe that everyone after reading this article has a basic understanding of antique shop decoration, if you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.

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