How to choose safe wood flooring?

When choosing the floor building materials for children's houses, the safety factor of wooden floors is relatively higher than that of floor tiles.

Children and adolescents are in a state of development and are less resistant to harmful substances, so the environmental protection of the floor is very high. When purchasing the floor, parents should pay attention to the environmental protection level of the floor. It is best to buy products with environmental protection level E0 to reduce the damage of decoration pollution to children. In addition, you should choose a floor that feels good, wearable, soundproof, and easy to maintain.

Children's room purchase floor should also consider the overall style of the space to be harmonious, taking into account the impact of color on children's psychology. The color of the floor of the children's room should not be too deep and heavy. It is recommended to use a light color that matches the overall style. At the same time, the floor can also form an interesting pattern shape.

Technical Information
Processing with low carbon steel wire, through
drawing and electric galvanizing
Standard wire gauge from 8 BWG to 26BWG
Electric Galvanized Iron Wire uses in weaving of
Wire Mesh, fencing for expressway and construction.
Hot dipped galvanized iron wire with High tensile strength,small tolerance.Shiny surface, good corrosion prevention.
Hot dipped galvanized iron wire is mainly used in construction as binding wire, express way fencing as fencing wire, binding of flowers as wire ties in the garden and yard, and wire mesh making as weaving wires.

Galvanized Iron Wire

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