How to choose pregnant women maternity mattress suitable for what kind of mattress

Many mothers are particularly concerned about their own rest, worrying about everything that will affect the baby's factors, and the pregnant women's body and feeling are more sensitive, for the longest contact with the mattress every day, the quality is good or bad, it is important for pregnant women Rest, and the child's developmental influence will be great. So how to choose a maternity mattress ? Yazhen Furniture tells you what kind of mattress a pregnant woman is suitable for .


How to choose pregnant women mattress

1, good air permeability

The breathability of the bed is a very important point, so choosing a breathable mattress is very important. The best mattress is to choose moisture absorption, ventilation, good thermal insulation mattress. Because pregnant women after the confinement, are the most debilitating woman's body, the mattress is easy to absorb water, not dry, very easy to get rheumatism and wind pain.

2, good quiet performance

For pregnant women, there will be constant changes in the body's progesterone, which will lead to decreased sleep quality. So it is very necessary to choose a good sound performance. Nowadays, the popular pocket springs on the market are wrapped in springs one by one. The bucket design can prevent the spring from rubbing and swaying or produce noise. The springs are not affected and can support different weights of various parts of the body. The spine is straight and makes sleep more comfortable.

3, moderate hardness

Pregnant women mattresses should be moderately soft and hard, and it is best to try them on the mattress themselves. If you fall back on your mattress, you will feel that the waist is hanging. It means the mattress is too hard. If the waist and hip position subsides and the body is not at a level, it means that the bed is too soft to support.

4, anti-static function

Static electricity may have little effect on an ordinary person, but it is a great danger to a pregnant woman. Static electricity can cause the ph value of the pregnant woman's blood to rise, blood calcium to decrease, and the end result is a miscarriage. Therefore, when purchasing a maternity mattress, pay attention to whether there is anti-static function.


Pregnant women using mattresses taboo

1, excellent mattress

Pregnant women use hard mattresses. When pregnant women are sleeping on them, the waist will be in a state of suspension. In the long run, it will cause damage to the spine at the waist. Not only this, but the quality of sleep of pregnant women will be greatly affected. To the development of the fetus.

2, too soft mattress

Long-term pregnant women lying on a soft spring bed, easily lead to abnormal position of the spine, oppress the nerves, increase the burden on the psoas, can not eliminate fatigue, but also adverse physiological function, and can cause low back pain. Secondly, because the spring mattress is too soft, sleeping on it for a long time will be deeply involved. In addition, pregnant women will be physically unwieldy and difficult to turn over.

3, should not sleep spring mattress

Spring mattresses have good comfort and resilience, but they are contraindicated for pregnant women. The disadvantages of using spring mattresses for pregnant women are the same as those for using soft mattresses, which can cause abnormal position of the spine and can have a serious impact on the lumbar spine. It can neither eliminate fatigue nor play a role in physiological functions, and can cause low back pain and adverse turning. In addition, the spring bed has a strong support at the place where the spring is located. If there is no spring, a supporting vacuum will be formed. The stress point cannot be uniform. Long-term use may adversely affect the shape of the mother and the fetus. There are also some expectant mothers who are particularly sensitive to sound during their sleep. The spring bed will easily produce a sound when it turns over, affecting the mother's rest.

Mothers choose to buy mattresses according to their own weight, choose suitable for their own mattresses, Asia Zhen Xiaobian furniture also recommended the whole coconut brown mattress material, natural and healthy material is suitable for pregnant women. How to choose the maternity mattress you know? To learn more about home, you can follow the GO Home Information Channel.

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