How to Accept New Housing, Explain the Acceptance Criteria and Precautions for New Houses

The proportion of purchases in each person's mind is very large. It is difficult to select a suite. The acceptance of new houses is equally important. It is like making a full physical examination of the house. Only qualified members are eligible to form a job. So how do you accept a new house for a layman? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian below.

How to Accept Acceptance Criteria for New Homes

1, detailed inspection of housing quality

When the house is inspected, it is necessary to carefully examine whether there are any cracks in the doors, windows, and balconies.

2, check the wall

When collecting nuclear walls, look to see if they are smooth enough and there are no cracks, especially if there are water traces on the walls. If there are, you should find out why.

3, carefully check the ground

The examination of the ground must not be overlooked. If empty drums exist, we must confess people to make repairs as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be easy to break through the floors during construction and hinder the relationship between the neighbours.

4, acceptance of the water situation

First, pour water in buckets, and then fill the water in all areas, especially in areas with large water consumption such as bathrooms and kitchens. Fill as much as possible with two pots of water. If you hear the sound of squeaking and there is no water on the surface, explain the situation of water. good.

How to Accept Acceptance Notice for New House

1. Exemption from the pain of house closing, starting from signing the contract

In order to avoid a series of quarrels in the later stages, details such as time, procedures, etc. should be clearly defined before signing the contract. It is advisable to attach relevant design drawings and construction drawings, and clearly indicate in the contract.

2, check the structure and area of ​​the house

First, whether the annex map of the Loushu contract is consistent with the actual situation, whether the structure is the same as the original plan, and whether the residential area is actually measured by the relevant part, and whether there is any difference with the contract area.

Summary: For the housing acceptance of this matter, most of the owners are confused, some people think that the relevant departments have been accepted, the owner does not need to check again, in fact, the acceptance of new houses is mainly found before the signing of the problem, it is very necessary The above is about how to check the contents of a new house .

New house acceptance notice

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