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With the increasing understanding of doors and windows, aluminum windows have become the preferred choice for many homeowners due to their durability and theft resistance. Customized aluminum doors and windows need to meet the following conditions: doors and windows design and construction drawings, doors and windows, doors and windows timber, opening methods, accessories positioning, yarn fans, glass and other various factors. The following small series for everyone to introduce home improvement windows and doors to buy hardware traps and home improvement doors and windows to buy matters.

Home improvement doors and windows hardware trap

1, hardware performance is poor

Consumers lack the ability to judge the quality of hardware and lack sufficient knowledge. However, hardware and accessories occupy an important position in the entire door and window material. It will directly affect the overall quality of doors and windows. It will have a great impact on the normal use of doors and windows and their 'lifespan'.

2, installation and after-sales service is not professional

Many consumers have had such experience. The newly renovated kitchen was useless for several days. The countertops were broken and the door openings of the doors became larger. Problems such as these followed one after another, allowing the manufacturers to repair, but the problem could not be solved. .

3, lack of professional design doors and windows

Due to the different sizes of doors and windows, whether the design of windows and doors is professional or not is particularly important. From the initial measurement of the designer to the determination of the final plan, it is necessary not only to consider the shaping of its overall style, but also to lay emphasis on the rationality of the layout, and every small part must not be neglected.

4, price hidden murder

Some companies are ambiguous about product prices. At first glance, they think that the price is still reasonable, but they have hidden dangers. After consumers order it, they will add additional codes at the time of settlement, such as laminates, drawers, glass doors and other necessary accessories to be paid separately. money. Therefore, consumers must not only understand the basic configuration, but also get a detailed list when ordering to avoid being slaughtered at the time of settlement.

Home improvement doors and windows purchase matters

1, determine in advance to open the door and window

Before buying doors and windows building materials, we must first determine whether it is necessary to push or pull the window or open the window. If you choose to open the window, you must determine whether it is a top suspension, or whether it will open flat, and then communicate with the decoration company. According to the special conditions of the interior to build, there are a number of doors and windows merchants in the sale of exaggerated sliding window sealing, in fact, sliding window certainly no open window sealing performance is good.

2, choose the regular manufacturers

When purchasing, we must go to the formal door and window manufacturers, roadside small booth children processing equipment is simple, accuracy and strength can not be guaranteed, especially plastic steel doors and windows, the quality of the steel liner lining, some even without steel lining, other accessories are also very difference.

3, measure the size in advance

The owner himself should first measure the approximate size of the window, so that he can do a good job. The doors and windows sold on the market are responsible for the installation. Some unscrupulous merchants will make false reports when measuring, in order to earn more profits, and some businesses also add The loss of upper section costs, these are unreasonable charges.

4, please shop around

Some owners are afraid of trouble, do not go through careful thinking and choice, and at any time do not forget to shop for things, shop around, not only to identify the product quality, but also cost-effective.

5, understand the business in advance

When you are interested in choosing a door and window merchant, it is best to use a search engine. Many merchants' word of mouth can be found. If there are complaints from strong businessmen, we suggest that you carefully choose.

Editor's summary: On the purchase of home improvement hardware and software traps and home improvement doors and windows to buy the matter introduced here, and hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

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   Hard Turning refers to the process of single point cutting of hardened pieces within the 2 micron range with hardness between 58 and 70 HRC.

   Hard Turning Process
   In the grinding process, because the work piece is turning slowly, the wheel speed has to be considered in relation to the cutting speed. In the turning process, on the other hand, the work piece takes care of the cutting speed, whilst the tool performs the contouring. In consequence the high speed of the grinding wheel causes the work piece to produce a large quantity of small chips, whilst the turning process forms a continuous chip, which nearly always disintegrates into smaller pieces. Therefore one can see that grinding requires more time and energy per unit volume than turning. Another difference between turning and grinding is that with the latter it is only possible to remove an extremely small quantity of material, for instance with a thickness of only 1 µm. But turning is characterised by a minimal chip thickness of hundredths of a millimetre. That`s why high-precision hard turning requires a different strategy to reach exactly the dimension required.

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