Heavy Duty Materials Workshop Steerable / Rail Transfer Cart

Model NO.: BWP-30 Ton
Control Mode: Pendant/Remote/PLC Control
Power Mode: Battery, Cable, Conductive Rails
Color: Customzied
Material: Steel
Trademark: PERFECT
Transport Package: Tarp and Polywood Case
Specification: 5000*2200*900
Origin: Xinxiang
HS Code: 84289090
Heavy Duty Materials Workshop Steerable / Rail Transfer Cart

Introduction of Transfer Cart
Material Handling provides a wide range of materials transfer cart specifically designed for the unique needs of bridge, simple building, concrete, concrete column and other construction fileds. These products include Concrete Column Transfer Cart, Architect Tools Shuttling Trolley, and Blender handling bogie and Buliding Materials Trailers Systems. 
This kind of transfer cart could run on rails or cement floor which is chosen according to the transportation route or clients' project plan. The selecting concept: The rail transport cart is mainly used for fixed route no need of rotation; While the trackless transfer trolley on cement floor can realize 360° direction turning. 

Heavy Duty Materials Workshop Steerable / Rail Transfer Cart
Heavy Duty Materials Workshop Steerable / Rail Transfer Cart

Application of Transfer Cart
We supply transfer cart in the small & large scale industries, steel industry, heavy engineering workshops, paper mill. Also we export a huge range of the extreme quality of transfer cart. With advantages of large load capacity wireless power, the transfer cart is widely applied in bridge construction to transfer bridge. In this stage, the cart is generally worked together with cranes. Transfer cart is also widely in assembly line and can realize the straight rail, S shape rail, U shape rail, C shape rail, Arc-shaped rail, 90 degree turn rail, crossing rail etc. 

Heavy Duty Materials Workshop Steerable / Rail Transfer Cart

Parameter of Transfer Cart 
Model BWP-5t BWP-20t BWP-30t BWP-40t BWP-50t
Rated Load(t) 5 20 30 40 50
Impacted rated load(t) 7.5 30 45 60 75
Structure of Frame Steel plates welded beam
Thickness of the steel plate 8 14 14 16 16
Cart weight(t) 4.3 7.9 8.8 10 10.5
Max. Wheel load (t) 2.8 5.6 7.7 10 12
Ground requirement Cement floor or Steel plate ground
Ground Clearance(mm) 50 50 50 50 50
Table size (mm) 3000*2000 4500*2200 5000*2200 5500*2300 6000*2300
Height of the whole cart (mm) 450 600 650 700 700
Wheel base (mm) 1500 1700 1700 1800 1800
Axles distance (mm) 2500 3900 4300 4800 5200
Turning radius (mm) 2501 3901 4301 4801 5201
Turning type Turning while driving with no stop
Control method for turning Control button
Turning structure Mechanical
Motor power (KW) 3.5 7 10 12 15
Wheel diameter (mm) 300 (4) 400 (4) 450 (4) 500 (4) 600 (5)
Wheel material ZG55+hydropurture
Running speed (m/min) 0-15 0-12
Brake principle Electric magnetic brake
Ground balance Mechanical automatic adjustment
Operation method With wire or no wire
Battery model D-250 24pieces D-440 24pieces D-250 36pieces D-330 36pieces D-440 36pieces
Battery maintenance Free of maintenance
Charger's installation Installed on cart Split-type
Cart color Yellow and warning sign
Charger's function Automatic stop for obstacles
Radar control 3-0.3 m, Automatic stop for obstacles
Warning equipment Sound and light
Other functions Turning light, night light and power display

Details of Transfer Cart
The transfer cart wheel material is polyurethane and is suitable to travel on cement 
Double motor drive
Electric motor brakes
Welded construction of structural steel
Wireless control available
Cable pendant for walk beside controls

Heavy Duty Materials Workshop Steerable / Rail Transfer Cart
Company & Customers' Visit
Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. Has been committed to solve problems related to the transportation and handling of materials for any type of industries and plants. We design and manufacture transfer carts, transfer trolleys, rail guided transfer carts, industrialflat trailers, tilters and other handling equipment. We provide all customized productions as you need and search functional solutions to our customers. 

Heavy Duty Materials Workshop Steerable / Rail Transfer Cart

Shipping & Packing

Heavy Duty Materials Workshop Steerable / Rail Transfer Cart

How to choose the Transfer Cart? 
There are thress types of transfer carts, each designed for different applications. They are: 
Towed Type Carts - For loads up to 100 ton. Carts have casters or crane wheels and are manually moved on smooth to semi-smooth floors or are towed behind lift trucks or behind powered carts mounted on rail. They are an economical alternative to purchasing a second powered cart. Winches can also be used to pull carts of this type for on-rail applications. Carts can be sized according to requirements of work areas with space constraints. 
On-Rail Type Carts - For loads up to 300 ton. Carts are mounted on steel rail for shuttling along a fixed path. They can be AC powered or DC battery powered. Typically used for moving materials such as steel or tanks of liquids from one location to another. Larger cart capacities and sizes are available for specific applications. Custom deck frames can be designed for specific assemblies to carry an entire shift of production and even serve as a stable moveable machine base. 
Steerable Type Carts - For loads up to 300 ton. Carts have two fixed and two swivel casters and are DC battery powered (optional AC powered). Carts are designed to travel on smooth to semi-smooth level floors. Customization is available for specific applications. 

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