Flotation machine price: introduction of knowledge about flotation machine bearings

Introduction to the knowledge of flotation machine bearings, installation method of flotation machine bearings:
1) Presses (hydraulic or spiral) are better tools for mounting bearings. If the bearing inner ring and the shaft are tightly fitted and the bearing outer ring and the bearing housing hole are loosely fitted, there are two methods for mounting the small-sized bearing to the shaft by the press.
(1) The shaft does not move and press the bearing onto the shaft. Before pressing, the lubricant should be applied to the shaft, and then a pipe (sleeve, copper or soft steel pipe) should be placed. The inner diameter of the pipe should be slightly larger than the shaft.
(2) The bearing does not move, and the journal is pressed into the bearing. Before pressing, a ring (a full circle or two semi-circular blocks) should be placed under the bearing. The inner diameter of the ring should be slightly larger than the shaft diameter.
Use this method to pay special attention to the alignment of the shaft and the bearing. The bearing position is skewed, which not only makes assembly difficult, causes indentation and bends the journal, and sometimes even breaks the inner ring of the bearing.
Flotation machine bearing precautions:
All lubrication lines on the bearing assembly of the flotation machine should be inspected and cleaned of dirt (compressed air when conditions are met) to prevent dirt from clogging the pipe and intruding into the bearing.
It is not allowed to use the bearing as a gauge to measure the machining accuracy of the shaft and the bearing housing hole, because this will not correctly determine the machining accuracy and can damage the bearing.
Do not disassemble the bearing when the preparation is not working. After the bearing is removed from the package, the bearing should be cleaned.
Parts that have passed the inspection should be coated with a layer of lubricant on the mating surface before installation to prevent soiling.
Remove and clean the bearings, do not place them directly on the workbench, on the floor or on the box. Use a clean paper pad under the bearings.
The tools used to mount the bearings shall ensure that the vertical pressure applied to the end faces of the bearings is uniform and smooth so as not to damage the bearings and parts. For more products, please visit: http://

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