Five maintenance instructions for magnetic pumps

1. The material used for shaft break magnetic pump shaft is 99% alumina ceramic. The main reason for the breakage of the pump shaft is that the shaft is broken due to dry running of the pump due to dry running of the pump. When the pump is disassembled, it can be seen that the bearing has worn out. The main way to prevent the pump from breaking off is to avoid empty operation of the pump.

2. Bearing Damage The magnetic pump bearing is made of high-density carbon. If the pump is cut off or there are impurities in the pump, the bearing will be damaged. If the coaxiality between the inner and outer magnetic rotors of the cylindrical coupling is not guaranteed, it will directly affect the bearing life.

3, lack of lift caused by this failure are: there is air in the transmission medium, the impeller is damaged, the speed is not enough, the proportion of liquid transport is too large, the flow is too large.

4, lack of flow caused by inadequate flow of the main reasons are: the impeller is damaged, the speed is not enough, the head is too high, there is a blockage of debris in the pipe, etc. 5, the magnetic pump can not hit the liquid.

Magnetic pump can't get liquid is the pump's most prone to failure, and there are many reasons. First, check the suction pipe of the pump for leaks, check whether the air in the suction pipe is discharged, whether the amount of liquid poured in the magnetic pump is enough, whether the suction pipe is clogged with debris, and whether the pump should be reversed. (Especially after replacing the motor or after the power line has been repaired), it should also be noted whether the suction height of the pump is too high. If the above checks still cannot be resolved, the pump can be disassembled and inspected to see if the pump shaft is broken. Also, check whether the pump ring and the stationary ring are intact and whether the whole rotor can move in a small amount. If the axial movement is difficult, it can be checked whether the carbon bearing is too tightly coupled with the pump shaft.

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