Fire Eyes is the key to all aspects of bearing authenticity

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Fire Eyes is the key to all aspects of bearing authenticity

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-09-05

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It is necessary to distinguish whether an item is genuine or not; the first problem is that you must know the true product. The same is true for bearing distinction. As long as you know and know and discuss the real thing; know its past, present, and future; know its surface; His connotation; as long as the all-round and multi-angle from the inside out know the authenticity; you can poke a fake product in front of you; point out where it is false; say why it is false; prevent unnecessary trouble And lost.
At present, the primary bearing fraud in dealers in the bearing market is: manufacturing bearings with iron and carbon steel and correcting the bearing products of scrap bearings; such products usually have large errors in hardness and precision. The bearing products of the defective price and the bearing products of the local small factories are registered trademarks of the big brand manufacturers; such products are usually faked on the brand image; in order to reach the target of fraud consumers, they will pretend to be the users and distributors of famous manufacturers. , agents; and even pretending to be the spot market department of the manufacturer, there is also the manufacturing of steel. The dull-flat ton writes the 涑 straight 涑 D-class bearings, in the genuine bearing products into the fake sale, and then the product price on the scam consumer According to the consumer's practice of bearing products, know the situation to shoddy; replace the real goods with fake goods.
Let's discuss in detail the key to distinguishing the authenticity of the bearing:
First, the outer packaging of the bearing product is not negligible, the same as our usual consumption; the outer packaging of the bearing product is also directly related to the quality of the product. Because of the brand image and the influence of the shopping mall; the bearing manufacturer of the big brand is The appearance of the product will also be worked on; the packaging of each detailed bearing is uniquely characterized and marked; from the raw materials of the packaging; to the color, style, logo, anti-counterfeiting, environmental protection of the packaging; There are many aspects of portrayal and thinking in many aspects, such as shipping convenience; and the color, style, logo, and anti-counterfeiting of product packaging may be different in the same period. For example, the recent outer packaging of SKF/29434E bearing is wooden environmental protection packaging. The inner packaging is moisture-proof paper plus polyester tape, etc.; the packaging can be changed in a certain period of time; anti-counterfeiting and logos have also changed; SKF will not tell you uniquely. As long as you know and know these differences and changes Only in the case of counterfeit impersonation products can be distinguished. On the contrary; small manufacturers in order to save the cost; on the packaging of the product will cut corners Surface vague.
2. Identification from the depiction of bearing products. For example, SKF/29434E spherical roller thrust bearings are equipped with many asymmetric rollers; the uniquely depicted raceways have the best consistency. Therefore, they can accept very heavy axial loads; And promises higher speed operation. The type is suffixed with E bearing; it is equipped with a stamped steel window type support frame; it can form a non-detachable component with roller and shaft ring. About E-shaped bearing with stamped steel support frame; bearing It is necessary to relax the inner hole; avoid the conflict between the frame and the bearing in the case of misalignment of the shaft. This description ensures the high bearing capacity and high performance of the bearing and long life. Each type of bearing has a depiction Features; know more and know them.
Third, from the naming of bearing products found loopholes, each brand standard product type naming is a certain standard; major brands have certain similarities; there are different ones; some are reflected in the prefix The same is true; some are not the same as the basic types; more are reflected in the suffix indicating the order and method and the meaning is different. As long as they know these different; can understand the correct indication of a brand's detailed bearing type and practical meaning If SKF/29434E is indicated as SKF/29434 or SKF/29434J; it must be difficult. These require long-term accumulation and summary.
Fourth, the appearance of the first to distinguish the bearing shaft color as a super point point, we must first look at the color of the imported bearings; see if the color is greener. Why? Because of the steel constraints of the bearings themselves; small bearing manufacturers and shoddy imported bearings mostly use general steel, carbon steel, Ma Steel, and even some use of iron pipes. And the appearance of these materials are mostly white; and the special bearing steel The color is greenish. So our first step should be from color. Of course; the color is unreliable; because there are many external factors that will affect the external color of the imported bearings; so we have to Aspects to identify and identify.
5. Stencil is an important factor in distinguishing the authenticity of bearings. For most bearing products, the bearing body of the bearing will be printed with the brand, typeface, label and other parameters. Although the font of the stamp is very small, but because The bearing products produced by the normal track bearing manufacturers; all use the professional stamping skills; before the bearing has passed the heat treatment; it has been pressed. So the font is despite the fact that the former coal 苌 苌 欢 欢 欢 欢 而 而 而 而 而 而The font of the product will not only be vague; and because the printing skills are rough; the stencil font is floating on the surface; some can even be easily erased by hand.
Sixth, the oil trace of the bearing body is also a detail that can not be ignored. This should be unique when purchasing imported bearings. Why? Because the oil trace on the surface of the bearing body directly determines the anti-rust ability of the bearing product; especially for the bearing products of the world's major manufacturers; although the bearing embodiment has passed the anti-rust treatment; but the bearing appearance is still as bright as new; Found any oil stains. The current domestic anti-rust skills for bearings are still far from the world's anti-rust skills. Therefore, the impromptu imported bearings are very simple to leave a thick oil trail when anti-rust treatment of the bearing body. I will feel sticky when I take it in my hand.
Seven, know the bearing supplier's promise and qualification is also to ensure that you buy genuine imported bearings to ensure.
As we all know; the promise and qualification of the supplier represents the supplier's supply ability and quality; the selection of a guaranteed supplier together also adds a firewall for the bearing purchase. Eight, look at the chamfer so-called bearing down Angle; that is, the intersection of the horizontal and vertical faces of the bearing. The counterfeit imported bearings are constrained by the production skills; the handling of the corners and corners of the bearing will be unsatisfactory.

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