Electronic glue commonly used epoxy resin binding adhesive use method

First, adjust glue:

1. Take the appropriate amount of epoxy resin binding gum (G800) to the adjusting barrel, add the appropriate amount of dilution solvent;

2. Stir with a wooden stick to fully dissolve the black glue;

3. According to the black rubber viscosity after blending, adding vinyl or solvent, the viscosity of the judging to feel a little agitation in the prevail;

4. The well-prepared black glue is put into a glue bottle for use.

Second, the sealing method:

1. Take a plate that measures the function and place it flat on the table;

2. The right hand holds the bottom of the Epoxy Bottle, and the tip of the Ejector tilts above the sealant;

3. With a little force, let the black glue flow out and drip on the IC. The black glue will flow and fill the seal area.

4. When the black plastic flows, the flow rapidly flows to the sealant range; when the other side has not flowed yet, the movable tip can be moved to the low glue position to add glue.

5. In the sealant, the height of the tip and the surface of the IC should not be lower than 1cm, and if it is too low, it may touch the surface or the state line of the IC;

6. Immediately after dropping an IC, raise the tip to prevent further dripping.

Third, flow plastic trim:

1. Use a bamboo stick to wrap a small amount of cotton and tighten it with your fingers;

2. Gently remove the glue or glue;

3. Once failed to repair, replace the new cotton swab again;

4. When repairing the flow of sealant, pay attention to the action and fix the bad point. Do not reach the gold finger, so as not to touch the state line or IC.

Fourth, the appearance of plastic seal inspection standards:

1. The board with a good sealant has a smooth and shiny surface, and the appearance is that the garden ball is slightly flat and strong, and the range is appropriate to cover all the golden fingers;

2. All the following phenomena are defective sealants:

1 glue has pores 2 less glue, obviously visible traces of state lines

3 exposed state line 4 glue

5 sealant exceeds allowable height 6 sealant exceeds allowable range

6 flow glue 8 vinyl cover element or via

9 surface is not smooth with water lines

V. Storage and Drying Conditions of Vinyl:

1. According to requirements, black plastic should be stored in the environment below -5 °C, the shelf life is generally three months;

2. According to the current use of vinyl, the post-gel drying time is 2 hours and the temperature is 130°C.

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