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Compared with ordinary toilets, smart toilets bring us a more comfortable experience. The smart toilet was originally equipped with a warm water washing function, which was mainly used in the medical and elderly care areas. However, with the improvement of technology, more functions were integrated into the toilet and gradually entered the homes of ordinary people. Recently, many people in Japan have gone to Japan to rob the toilet seats. Is it really that good for Japan's mad snatching toilet seats? It is undeniable that the quality of Japanese smart toilets is really good because they are technically strong, but some of its parts are also imported from China. With the enhancement of China's science and technology, some of our domestic smart toilet brands are also worth recommending. So, which brand of domestic smart toilet is better? Here I come to recommend several good domestic smart toilets.

Smart toilet advantages:

1. Wash more sanitary

After each use of the toilet, the water washing function replaces the toilet paper and is easy to cause infectious diseases and has a massage effect. Before and after the nozzle, to meet the different flushing needs of men and women. Long-term use can prevent constipation, acne and other diseases.

2. The warm seat is not cold

Use the toilet in winter and never have to worry about the icy feeling when using the toilet. Because the seat can be adjusted to the appropriate temperature of the human body.

3. Self-cleaning, deodorization, power saving

The intelligent toilet seat uses a stainless steel nozzle, which has the function of self-cleaning. Under long-term unused conditions, the toilet seat will reduce the temperature of the seat ring and the water and save energy.


Smart Toilet Disadvantages:

1. Cover does not apply to all toilets

The toilet seat is more rounded and the size is beyond the allowable range, and it cannot be installed, which means that the toilet must be changed or it cannot be used.

2. Cover does not apply to all toilets

The cost of the smart toilet seat is high, and the cost of repairs takes care of itself beyond the warranty period. Especially the replacement of core parts is expensive.


Domestic smart toilet which brand is good

1.TOTO bathroom

With a focus on diversified development, its quality and performance are guaranteed. Contains: Thermostat Cushion, Remote Control, Automatic Flush, Automatic Opening and Closing, known as: "Apple in Toilet."

2. Vivi ViVi

China's famous brand is a large-scale enterprise. In 1995, it developed the first smart cover, with three major brands and four large-scale production bases. Won the "China Famous Brand" honor.

3. European OULU

The nation's first all-in-one toilet brand, Guangdong's well-known trademark, has successfully passed the North American standard certification in 12 years. With mature technology and excellent quality, it has been widely praised by all and has become a key cooperative brand in North America and Europe.

4. Oulusha bathroom

Specializing in the production of sanitary ware products, with an annual production capacity of 5 million pieces, it has been awarded the title of “China Famous Brand” and is one of the drafting and formulation units of industry standards.

5. Zhejiang Star Jie Jie Bao

Founded in 1999, it has passed ISO9001, CQC and CE quality certification. Participated in the drafting of (JG/T285-2010) industry standards and made significant contributions to the development of the smart toilet industry.

6. Jiumu bathroom

One of the overall bathroom brands, starting from the leading, developed into a major business kitchen and toilet companies. It is the first one-million-capacity ceramic production line in China and one of the largest kilns in the world.


How to choose smart toilet?

1, not more functions as possible: a smart toilet is not good, need to be selected according to the owner's use of habits, so that it will not blindly buy, resulting in impractical.

2, to really save water: whether the smart toilet water, water consumption, water seals are effective. If you do not clean at one time, you need to repeat it two or three times. It becomes a waste of water.

3, to consider the safety of smart toilet: when buying, to see if the national standard, and require businesses to show relevant qualifications. Such as: water heating automatic power off.

4. The smart toilet is easy to clean: Observe whether the surface of the toilet is flooded or smooth; whether the tap sound is pleasant or not.

5, the choice of water is particularly important: water tank accessories is an essential factor in the purchase of toilets, to ensure its service life and flush performance.

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