Decoration wants to save money, you can start from these 6 places!

Like our salaried family, the purchase of a house pocket is almost bottomed out. The most important thing in the renovation is to be economical. Today, Xiao Bian will give you support for these 6 strokes. If you are not short of money, please walk around. 1 The interior doors can be equipped with the advantages of steel-wooden steel doors: affordable, strong, not easily deformed, durable, and not afraid of water. 2 cupboard door plate can choose grinding plate advantages: with waterproof performance, environmental protection, shape and color texture and diverse advantages, the price is still cheap, more style of the door is also good-looking.
3 wardrobe plate optional solid wood particle board It has many advantages: relatively strong decorative performance, warping degree is not easy to deform, strong nail holding power, good processing performance, the key price is not high. 4 cabinet countertops to be selected quartz stone countertops Features: 1), not easy to scratch 2), very resistant to high temperature, burning does not hurt 3), the real stone feel 4), strong anti-pollution, not easy to penetrate stains 5), antibacterial 6 ), no radiation surface material, is a green product 7), stone color consistent, do not fade, do not change color 8), material toughness 9), not easy to break 10), easy maintenance, once and for all, cost-effective 5Advantages of MDF in Wardrobe Doorboard : Medium Density Fiberboard is considered to be one of the most promising products at present. Many people think that the quality of the MDF is poor, but for the wardrobe door, the MDF will be more durable. The doorboard usage rate of the wardrobe is very high so the door panel must be light and heavy. The rails are very easy to bad and often have to be changed very much. More importantly, it is very cheap. 6 PVC compound wood floor This kind of wood floor is based on the composite floor with more layers of PVC for edge sealing, which has many advantages:
1. Wide range of application 2. Good stain resistance, low acid resistance, no maintenance 3. Flexible, good anti-skid performance 4. Wear-resistant, anti-bacterial, no insects, mildew 5, good dimensional stability, unaffected Temperature, humidity affect deformation 6, noise and noise reduction, comfortable foot 7, color, rich patterns, fully meet the individual design needs 8, fire performance B1 level 9, easy to install 7 shower curtains for the bathroom is too small to do shower room and want to dry and wet separation of friends, seeing to buy shower curtains, not only cheap, old can also be replaced at any time, but also get the effect of dry and wet separation, this is not very it is good. 8 Crystal lights do not buy expensive, but not practical, crystal lamps are expensive, dirty and difficult to do health, but also spent electricity, with a few years is also easy to outdated. Many people may say that these are not formaldehyde? What material is formaldehyde now? Unless the furniture is the most primitive practice, even the red bricks also have formaldehyde. When buying materials, try to choose the brand of their glue is relatively environmentally friendly, don't worry too much about formaldehyde, it is best not to stay immediately after the house is renovated. Ventilation takes about two months before arrival. You can also buy some green plants before you check in or do some methods to reduce formaldehyde.

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