Cork flooring prejudice

Cork flooring has been in the Chinese market for more than ten years. The products are mainly concentrated in the middle and high-end market, and the cork flooring is barely visible in the low-end floor market. At present, there are few companies specializing in cork flooring in China. (Sina Home Product Evaluation Center / ç¿Ÿè´µ)

Cork flooring is a floor that is compressed and baked after the cork is pulverized into pellets. According to industry sources, the main reason for the unsatisfactory sales of cork flooring has long been associated with consumers' misunderstanding of cork flooring. Many consumers question the load-bearing and wear resistance of cork by name only.

Cork flooring has made it difficult for most consumers to know about it because of its small number of companies selling and not promoting it. Some consumers have never heard of cork flooring. Since it is called "cork floor" and the raw material is taken from the bark, is it durable? For this reason, Wang Yong, the president of Dehejia Flooring, did an experiment for the reporter. The same weight of billiards fell from the same height to the cork floor and The solid wood flooring found that the solid wood flooring was plastically deformed, while the cork flooring was elastically deformed. The reporter touched the cork floor hit by the billiards and found that there was no depression on the surface of the floor, which was very flat. However, Wang Yong said that although many consumers have witnessed the exposure of cork flooring to instantaneous impact, they still have doubts about its weight-bearing effect.

Most consumers think that the price of cork flooring is expensive, but Lu Jie, the general manager of Feimei Floor, said that this statement is not accurate. It is understood that the current price of domestic cork flooring on the market is about 220 yuan to 500 yuan per square meter, while the price of imported cork flooring is slightly higher, but generally not more than 700 yuan per square meter. When the cork flooring first entered China, the lowest price was about 400 yuan per square meter. However, there are still many consumers who say that at a price of 500 yuan per square meter, you can buy a wood laminate made of more expensive wood such as Mabaomu, so there is no need to buy the old oak bark at the same price. Made of cork flooring. Plus the cork flooring is not easy to look at, so the price/performance ratio of cork flooring in the hearts of customers is not very high.

Consumption sound

Questioning the performance of cork flooring

The reporter interviewed ten consumers randomly in the floor sales area of ​​a large store and found that only four of the customers who came to buy the floor had a certain understanding of the cork flooring, while the other six consumers had a Nothing to know. Only one of the four customers who knew the situation planned to buy cork flooring, but she said that because no one has used cork flooring around, it is not comfortable with its load-bearing and wear-resistance, so even if it is purchased, it is only intended for children. Small room paving in the room.

Expert statement

Cork flooring durable and wearable

The cork flooring is sturdy and wear-resistant, as evidenced by one of the simplest examples. At present, in the Beijing Ancient Books Library in China, the reading rooms, lounges, stairs, etc. built by the Dutch in 1932 have been laid with cork flooring. It has been 80 years old, but it still does not affect the use. Countless people walk on such a soft surface, but the floor wears very little. The main reason is due to the vacuum cup principle of cork cells. When the foot is stepped on, the cork cells will become vacuum suction cups, so that the soles of the feet are absorbed on the cork. Therefore, there is no relative displacement between the sole and the floor. Theoretically, no relative displacement will cause wear, so the cork floor is soft but durable and wear resistant.

Shop floor as needed

At present, the popularity of cork flooring in China is not very high, but in Asian countries such as Europe and Japan, cork flooring, such as kindergartens, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, are used in many public places and special needs. Because the cork flooring is very elastic, even if the old man and the child fall on the ground, it will not feel too painful. Usually, the foot feels very comfortable. In addition, the raw material of cork, cork oak, has a strong ability to regenerate and has a very positive effect on the protection of the environment. The picking period of cork material is 8 to 9 years, and an adult tree can be stripped 10 times. Cork flooring has its own advantages. When consumers purchase, they must first define their own needs in order to properly purchase the right floor.


â—Ž Minimize the movement of people on the installation within 24 hours, and put the furniture on the floor after 24 hours.

â—Ž When cleaning the floor, do not rinse, polish or clean with decontamination powder.

â—Ž The method of maintaining the surface of the painted cork floor is the same as that of the solid wood floor. Generally, the floor wax is used once every six months; usually, it is only necessary to use a wrung mop or a rag to wipe, if necessary, a special cleaning agent can be used.

â—Ž Avoid strong impact on the floor. Do not drag when transporting furniture. There should be mats on the furniture legs.

â—Ž It is recommended to lay a foot pad at the door to reduce the abrasion of the sand on the floor.

â—Ž When leaving home, close the doors and windows and faucets to avoid rain and dripping water to soak the floor.

â—Ž When testing the water in winter, people must be kept at home to prevent the heating from running the water and destroying the floor.

â—Ž Floor mats should be placed under the furniture with a small load-bearing area at the bottom to reduce the damage caused to the floor.

◎ When using the floor heating system, the surface temperature of the floor should not exceed 27 °C, and the bottom of the furniture should be kept as airy as possible.

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