Celebrity Residence | Avenue to Jian Dongfang Yunmei

Celebrity Residence | Avenue to Jane Oriental charm
With the exchange and collision of East and West culture,
Oriental Shen Yun affects more and more people in the world.
And the traditions and aesthetics of the East are gradually born out of symbols and become a concept of imagery,

Attract more and more people from the world to get a glimpse.


The beauty of the celebrity's artistic conception values ​​the unity of inside and outside, and the resonance of people and things.
We are always observing the surrounding environment and stressing the integration of design.
Then I put my own preferences, mood, cultivation, and taste in it.
Finally a piece full of artistic conception was born,
Works that can intoxicate the mind and body.
The celebrity residence Fangyuan Tea Space integrates the philosophical thinking of the “Heavenly Place” and the gentleman ’s way.
Combining oriental tastes with contemporary design concepts,

Present a self-contained ethereal world.


It's time to stop drinking tea and talking about the past and present.
Inheriting the cultural heritage of the square circle is the essence of oriental culture.
Make traditional handicrafts fit the aesthetics and needs of contemporary life.
Seeking exquisiteness, yet taking into account elegance and practicality.
Fully consider the comfort of modern people.
Celebrity's modern furniture is that Celebrity is deeply immersed in the cultural heritage of the East, digs out the essence of Chinese culture, explores the feelings of Chinese artisans, and follows modern humanity's heart and soul.
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